Thursday, October 20, 2011

CC Backing Double D Restaurant In Manhattan

New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia is throwing his money into a Manhattan restaurant which is trying to horn in on the Hooters babes and beer market.  The hefty Sabathia will be at the restaurant's grand opening on Friday, but his business partner, Steven Ferraro, says the cash investment should not signal any intention to stay with the Yankees as Sabathia decides whether or not to opt out on his contract.

"I have to take the fifth on that," he said.  "All I can tell you is that CC loves New York and he loves being a Yankee.  We'll see what happens."

Sounds like the only curves we'll see for certain from CC in New York will be on his sexy waitresses.

Sabathia signed on as part-owner of the small restaurant subtly known as Canz-- short for Canz-a-Citi Roadhouse.  It'll feature sexy women in skimpy tank tops and Daisy Dukes.  The upstart chain  has already gone to war with Hooters at its other locations and has reached Yankees-Red Sox levels of hatred.

Ferraro said he's been openly recruiting the Hooters waitresses causing the rift between the two boob joints.  Ferraro bragged that he has poached 50 of the renowned Hooters girls.

As for his relationship with Sabathia, Ferraro said, "CC and I have been friends for years.  This is a business venture for him.  His two passions are food and sports, so this is a good fit."

Hopefully, for Yankees fans, Sabathia's contract demands are just as good a fit for the team.

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