Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jenny Finch Shows Up at New York Giants Practice

The New York Giants came in contact with another bird for the fourth week in a row.  After beating the Eagles, Cardinals and losing to the Seahawks, former Olympic gold medalist Jenny Finch showed up at the team's practice facility and lent a little beauty to what is shaping up as an ugly Giants team.


The former softball pitcher showed up at the Giants Timex Performance Center yesterday as part of a cross-sponsor event prior to her running the ING NYC Marathon next month.

The 31 year-old Finch sported Brandon Jacobs' #27 jersey and chatted with players.

She did some placekicking with punter Steve Weatherford-- and even made a 20-yard field goal-- before she took some passes from TE's Jake Ballard and Bear Pascoe.

Victor Cruz should take note-- Finch actually holds on to the ball.

Finch is running her first marathon after recently completing a half-marathon.  She said she is cramming in her training before the Nov. 6 race and the flame-throwing pitcher has set a modest goal.

"I'm going for around four [hours]," she said.

Finch looked pretty good running routes and catching the ball.  No word on if she was instructed how to 'flop' or 'give herself up.'

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