Friday, October 14, 2011

Giants Defense May Use Wristbands To Counter Bills Hurry-Up

The New York Giants may have to endure another week without defensive stalwarts Justin Tuck and possibly Osi Umenyiora, but defensive coordinator Perry Fewell has considered a plan to help the Giants D prevent big plays by the Buffalo Bills offense this Sunday-- wristbands.

Don't be shocked to see the some Giants defensive players wearing mini-playbooks on their forearms-- and referring to them-- in order to prevent the mental breakdowns that have plagued the team in recent games.

Following last week's unfathomable loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Fewell became concerned that the Giants(3-2) had allowed Seattle's mediocre offense to put up big numbers against his confused-looking defense and thinks using what is usually a quarterback's tool a potential solution.

The Seahawks no-huddle offense prevented the Giants defense from making many quick substitutions and forced a quicker tempo.  At many times, the Giants D was caught out of position and were about one Deon Grant flop from trying to slow down the Seahawks.

Fewell who was a coach in Buffalo before coming to the Giants, is familiar with the Bills system and said he "learned something last week."

"The no-huddle is effective; it's about communication," said Fewell.  "I think we were communicating.  When you use that form of communication verbally, everybody doesn't get it at the same time.  I think I need to do a better job of maybe installing wristbands on the guys so everybody knows what the call is.  I think I can do a better job and help our players if I do that for them," he told the New York Post.

It won't be any easier this week as the  surprising Bills(4-1) stampede into MetLife Stadium on Sunday.  They have impressive victories over the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles under their belts.

Meanwhile, the teams the Giants have beaten this year have a combined record of 6-12 and the Giants had to pull come-from-behind in two of their own W's.

The Giants would like nothing more than to help Fewell beat his former team and show that last week's loss wasn't a sign of things to come.

When a defense is struggling as much as the Giants' has, any sort of advantage is welcome-- even if it's like writing the answers on your hand.

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  1. That's quite an interesting idea especially if it doesn't break any rules. Under serious pressure, anyone can forget their orders and lose their heads. If it helps to have little reminders on their arms then fair enough, let's just hope they're not paper wristbands because I don't think they'd last against those biceps.