Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nyjer Morgan: "I Caught a Boney-Five in the Snot Box"

Nyjer Morgan, the brash outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers in explaining how he got injured in the celebration after last week's NLDS Game 5 walk-off single against the Arizona Diamondbacks, sounded more like a California surfer dude describing a wipeout than a ballplayer who got a pop to the nose.


"I caught a boney-five in the snot-box," Morgan said of his bloody nose.

Morgan told a television reporter the accidental punch occurred after his 10th-inning heroics when the hugfest at home plate got a little rowdy, but he isn't complaining.

"I got no problem with that one," he said.  "It's all good."

The outspoken Morgan is no stranger to a little pushing and shoving.

The former-Washington Nationals star was traded-- more like banished--  to the Brewers after his confrontation with the Nats' newly-acquired $126 million man Jason Werth in spring training.

"I've been in a couple of fisticuffs before," Morgan told the reporter.

Asked if he was a lover or a fighter, Morgan laughed and said, "Both, or all of the above."

It looks like Morgan's in-your-face style is turning him into some sort of cult hero in Milwaukee and if it means getting another celebratory pop in the nose, it's okay.

"I got no problem wearing that one," he said.

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