Monday, November 22, 2010

NFL Using High-Tech Forensics In Favre Probe

By Tony Mangia

The NFL has reportedly hired forensic experts in an attempt to determine if the dirty cellphone photos of a man's private parts sent to a New York Jets sideline reporter are the of the football great Brett Favre.  Call it CSI: NFL.

Investigators will use the the latest technology to examine a SIM card, phone records, and a cell phone to find electronic fingerprints on the pictures.  The lewd photos were allegedly sent by the former-New York Jets quarterback in 2008 to the comely Jennifer Sterger.  The exchange happened during the Jets training camp and she was a sideline hostess for the team.

Sterger turned over the incriminating  material to the NFL in a 3-hour  meeting with NFL officials on November 12.  The owner of the phone has not been disclosed.

The cutting-edge technology, used by criminal forensic experts, could uncover evidence leading to an electronic trail to the owner of the photos.  One of the photos sent to Sterger reportedly contains an image of a penis, according to ESPN.

In October , the beleaguered Favre confirmed that he left lusty voicemails with Sterger, in an attempt to hook up with the pretty reporter.  He told then NFL's vice-president of security, Milt Ahlerich, that he sent the voice mails but denied sending the X-rated photographs.  The high-tech forensic equipment could trace all messages between Favre and Sterger.

The nasty messages were first reported by the website after purchasing them from an undisclosed third party.  The website claims the penis-pics and dirty messages came from the same phone number.  Witnesses have claimed that Sterger showed them the photos and joked about it.

One of the romantic voicemails was a note from Favre inviting the 26 year-old Sterger to meet him in his hotel room.  "Just got done with practice, got meetings here for a couple of hours, then I'm going back to the hotel to chill," he says...Send me a text.  I'd love to see you tonight."

At first, Sterger was reluctant to cooperate with the NFL but was later fired (for unrelated reasons--bad ratings) from her duties as a host of a sports-interaction show on Versus and then reached out to them.  The former Playboy model hasn't publicly commented about the incidents.

Meanwhile Favre, a married grandfather, struggles with the alleged fidelity issues at home and injuries and losses on the field. He is facing suspension if the NFL determines he lied about sending the pornographic images to Sterger.  After the Sterger incident became public, two female massage therapists with the Jets came forward with sexual text message allegations against Favre.

Favre, whose Minnesota Vikings were soundly beaten by the Green Bay Packers, 31-3, yesterday, is considered one of the NFL's all-time greats.  The 11-time Pro-baller won a Super Bowl and has a all-time consecutive game streak on the line.

  At yesterday's press conference after the humiliating loss, the weary 41 year-old QB said he will "Go home and reevaluate tomorrow."

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