Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mayweather Avoids Pacquiao But Hits Security Guard

By Tony Mangia

A security guard has accused boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. of jabbing him in the face and threatening him over parking violations outside the undefeated welterweight's Las Vegas home, according to police reports filed on Tuesday.

Police were called to Mayweather's residence on Monday night and misdemeanor battery charges were filed and submitted to the Clark County district attorney's office for possible prosecution according to Las Vegas police.  The unidentified guard has refused to publicly speak about the incident.

The guard told police he was writing a a new batch of tickets for cars parked improperly outside Mayweather's house.  He claims that's when the boxer ran from the house and physically attacked and verbally threatened him.

The guard said Mayweather has been in a dispute with him and other security officers from the local homeowner's association over parking cars outside the five-bedroom home.  He said Mayweather ran from the house and "became agitated."  A police spokesperson said, "When the guard rolled down the window, he (Mayweather) poked the security guard in the face with his finger several times.

The officer said Mayweather refused to come out of his house after police knocked on his door.  Mayweather told them--through the door--he wouldn't come out and to have a good night.

Mayweather has a ton of personal and professional problems right now.  He is due in a Las Vegas courtroom in January to answer unrelated charges of felony coercion, grand larceny and robbery associated with a dispute with his wife in September.  Vegas prosecutors also claim the boxer threatened his sons at that time.  Mayweather is looking at up too 44 years behind bars if convicted on those charges.

Pretty good timing for the flamboyant fighter.  On Saturday night, Manny Pacquiao battered Antonio Margarito in dominating fashion in Texas.  Mayweather has been ducking a fight with the Filipino and the unofficial title of greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world.  It was being called the "Fight of the Decade."

While Mayweather pushes around women and pokes security guards, Pacquiao continues to add to his legacy by pummelling opponents twenty pounds heavier than himself, and by avoiding the Pac-man, Money has played the fool and turned his nemesis into the people's choice.

Pacquiao is now being mentioned in the same breath as Sugar Ray Robinson, Willie Pep and Ali while Mayweather is being called a coward who is afraid of losing his undefeated record to the speedy Pac.

Who's left for Pacquiao to fight? Shane Mosley?  He barely beat Margarito--even though the Mexican fighter was suspended after that bout for wrapping his hands with plaster-of-paris and isn't a draw.  It's a shame for boxing and Pacquiao that Mayweather is the only opponent left and he isn't worthy enough.

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