Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mets Slash Ticket Prices

By Tony Mangia

The Mets made their second big off-season move, after hiring new GM Sandy Alderson, and announced they were lowering the price of tickets for 2011. After another lousy year and looking at two months of barren stands at Citi Field, the team finally got the message and cut prices by 14%.

While not exactly the .45 cent New Jersey Nets bargain Stub Hub offers over at the Prudential Center in Newark,  it shows the Mets are listening and the sound of empty seats is deafening. 

Disgusted Mets fans endured another disappointing season in 2010.  Attendance dipped for the second year in a row---7,340 per game.  That's 600,000 fans fewer than in 2009.  The whopping 19% drop off was the largest in the majors.  The fans ran faster than Carl Paladino supporters after Tuesday's election night.

Even a shiny new stadium cannot hide the ugly tinge of losing.  The Mets have not made the playoffs since 2006 and are coming off two sub-.500 seasons.  Their annual September collapses didn't help.  

In a time of PSLs at Giants...I mean...the New Meadowlands Stadium and $2500 premium seats at Yankee Stadium, the Mets are taking the high road.  Dave Howard, the Mets Vice-president for business operations, said,"We are mindful of the team's poor performance and that's why you see Sandy (Alderson) as our general manager.  There's already a a new energy and a feeling of hopefulness."

Met fans might claim seeing Yankee players switching to blue and orange uniforms will give them hope. They are tired of watching a losing team. They also reason that the ticket prices should be lower than their Bronx counterparts considering the Mets futility.

The Mets faithful shouldn't be expecting a quick turnaround for the boys from Flushing. Alderson has already said the Mets will likely stay out of free-agent bidding this off-season.  Looks like no Cliff Lee or Carl Crawford under the Citi Field Christmas tree.  But there is hope.  The team recently exercised shortstop Jose Reyes 2011 club option for $11 million and leaves open the possibility of reaching a long-term deal.  They are still looking to replace fired manager, Jerry Manuel.

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