Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Soccer mom madam says NFL exec and player will be first clients named

Anna Gristina, the so-called Soccer Mom Madam,  says she plans on putting the names listed in her little black book into the pages of a tell-all blockbuster, and indicated that some well-known NFL players and personnel might find themselves publicly outed as clients who used her high-priced call girls.

"I will be" naming names, Gristina vowed Wednesday after a brief court appearance, reported the New York Daily News.  "Let's just say if you like football, you'll be interested."

Last night, as the former cathouse madam got ready to tape a interview with TV psychologist Dr. Phil, she said an unlucky NFL executive will be the first name she lets out of the bag.

Gristina wouldn't go into details but, when asked for a little tease said, "There's going to be a giant name dropped — actually a couple of them," she told The New York Post.

Asked if the names would mean "giant" like a football team, the 44-year-old Gristina just let out a little laugh.

"Everyone will have to watch Dr. Phil," she said.  "There's an older [football] player who's still very well known. Tune in to Dr. Phil."

The show will be taped next week and probably air about a week later.

The Scottish mother of four was sentenced to probation for five years and subject to travel restrictions after she pleaded guilty in September to a single count of prostitution.

Prosecutors worked hard to expose the purportedly huge prostitution ring she ran from an apartment on the upper East Side.  Authorities claim the escort service made millions of dollars over the years.

Gristina's sudden change of heart in divulging any names of her clients is a shock.  She spent four months locked up in Rikers Island while prosecutors worked on the case and attempted to procure names. She managed to keep her well-heeled client list to herself — until now.

While it's all speculation how many NFL players will be named in the book, it wouldn't be a stretch to think that more than a few of them have already erased their speed dial numbers and are calling their lawyers.

Roger Goodell might have a Bootygate on his hands.

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