Saturday, February 18, 2012

Man gets hit in groin by Phil Mickelson ball and gets signed glove

An errant tee shot by Phil Mickelson at the Northern Trust Open soared into the gallery and bounced up the shorts of one of the spectators.

After Mickelson's ball played clacker on the man's pair of Titleists, the golfer signed one of his gloves and handed it to the giddy soprano.


I don't what's more disturbing about this video clip— the injured man jumping around like a teenage Justin Bieber fan or the home boy kneeling down and pointing at the camera like some country club gangsta.

The guy looks street— with the cap pulled down over his forehead and the soul-patch on his chin— until you see the argyle sweater vest. Yo! Represent homes.

The Bloods, the Crips and the Yups.

Mickelson was tied for the lead when he got the banana-ball on the 15th hole.

He was overheard telling the officials, after they told him to take the ball and make a drop, "I ain't touching that damn thing."

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