Thursday, July 28, 2016

Warren Sapp bitten by shark while lobster fishing  in Florida Keys (PHOTO)

Warren Sapp is usually the one best known for mouthing off wherever he goes, but the NFL Hall of Famer finally met his match while fishing for lobster in the Florida Keys.

The former defensive end was bitten on the elbow by a shark during a fishing trip, but is reportedly alright after getting sacked by Jaws — and I don't mean the former Eagles quarterback.

"It's simple. He was lobstering with me and a shark bit Sapp while he was grabbing the lobster,” Jack Carlson, captain of the charter fishing boat, told the Tampa Bay Times via text message.

Sapp posted a photo of his haul of spiny lobsters to Twitter, saying “Shark got a little chuck of Me. We got Dinner!”
Da dun da dun da dun ....

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