Monday, July 18, 2016

Michael Page rolls Pokemon at Evangelista Santos after skull crushing knee kick at Bellator MMA (VIDEO)

It looked like just any other dramatic MMA knockout when Michael "Venom" Page sent Evangelista Santos straight to the canvas with a spectacular flying knee kick at Bellator MMA's debut event in London on Saturday night — except for the fact that it might have been the first time a fighter ever rolled a Pokeman at his fallen opponent.

But after the 38-year-old Brazilian went down clutching his head in pain, referee John McCarthy made sure to stop the fight  — and for good reason.

The kick, which McCarthy later told Bellator commentator Jimmy Smith was the hardest knee he had ever witnessed in more than 20 years of combat sports officiating, had dented Santos's skull so badly that the damage was actually life threatening.

Photos later posted by the veteran fighter, as well as a digital scan, showed the gruesome results of Page's head crushing knee shot.

Here's video of the KO and Page taking Pokemon Go to the next level:

The injury was bad enough for the fighter's ex-wife and famous female MMA star Chris Cyborg to promote a crowd-funding site for surgery.

"Fight fans Please say a prayer for my ex-husband Cyborg Santos. Many of you watched him fight on Spike TV this weekend when he suffered this injury while fighting in London.

"Cyborg is still in the hospital in the UK, and they are not sure when he will be able to fly again. He has not had surgery yet and their is worry the brain can continue to swell causing more damage.

The DR said this very Easily could have been life threatening."

And while UFC commentator Joe Rogan posted a link to the Go Fund Me page — saying the injury was the worst he had ever seen inflicted in a mixed martial arts fight — it also raises the question of why Santos' insurance or Bellator aren't doing more for the fighter.

Page, who improved his undefeated record to 11-0 with his seventh knockout victory on Saturday also took to social media to wish his opponent the best.

Ash Ketchum couldn't have put it better.

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