Thursday, July 7, 2016

Female hammer thrower hits official in groin with errant toss (VIDEO)

Hanging around a track and field event can sometimes be a sport in itself — with all of those javelins sailing, shot puts flying and runners to dodge. And one poor official found found out the hard way that there are even hammers to look out for.

In a video posted by New Zealand Olympic champion Valerie Adams an unnamed blond-haired woman released the nine pound block of iron right into the private parts of the unsuspecting man.

After spinning around to gain as much speed as possible, the woman sent the hammer sailing towards the guy who wasn't even behind a net and didn't have time to save his boys.

Adams, who is training in Switzerland at the moment, later noted on the Instagram video: "That would have hurt..."

A video posted by Valerie Adams (@valerieadams84) on

You might say the dude needed a little ice and was Mighty Thor the next day.

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