Saturday, July 9, 2016

Texas Rangers' Joey Gallo posts tribute to officer killed in Dallas sniper shootings

On Friday, a full day after 12 police officers were ambushed and five left for dead by a sniper during a protest over police brutality in Dallas, the outcry and condemnation of the assassinations from the sports world is, relatively speaking, the sound of crickets compared to the social media drum beating about injustices regarding other national issues.

But at least one professional sportsman said something to pay tribute.

Joey Gallo remembered a chance meeting with one of the slain officers and posted a heartfelt message on Instagram about Patrick Zamarripa — a hero cop the Texas Rangers' 22-year-old prospect won't — and didn't — forget.

Gallo says he had met 32-year-old Zamarripa in Dallas once while he was walking around with teammate Nomar Mazara.

“He was an avid Rangers fan. But more importantly a great person, and family man,” Gallo wrote. “Please keep Patrick, and all the officers affected and their families in our prayers today.”
Here's the photo of that encounter and the story behind it via Gallo's Instagram account:

A photo posted by Joey Gallo (@joeygallo24) on

We shouldn't forget Zamarripa was a father who served three tours in Iraq and was just doing his job.

Gallo may be struggling in Triple-A ball right now, but at least he remembered.

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