Saturday, May 30, 2015

Rangers fan boasts about paying $4500 in 'hundreds only' for Game 7 ticket (VIDEO)

Every New Yorker knew how hard it would be to get a ticket to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals between the New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning at Madison Square Garden, but one fan didn't let a little thing like money come between him and his beloved Blueshirts.

When Sportsnet reporter Scott Oake waded into the valued seats along the glass he ran across Will Rouse — a fan who proudly showed off his bling and sort of rapped about how much he paid for a seat at Friday night's game.

"Oh man, I paid Forty…. Five… Hundred… Dollars," the Sheldon Cooper lookalike said.

When Oake told him he could make even more if he decided to re-sell the tickets on the secondary market, Rouse got boastful.

“Yeah I know, that woulda been cool,” he said. “I gotta see the Rangers win. I could've blown all that money on water. I don't really drink alcohol. It's cool.”

“Tell me again how much you paid for these tickets,” Oake asks again.

“Forty-five hundred dollars. Hundreds only,” said the fan. “Benjamin Franklin is killin' the game!”

The big question: How much water does this guy drink?

Rouse may be drinking alcohol today. The Rangers lost 2-0.

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