Monday, May 18, 2015

Mets fan caught on camera groping woman's breast during game (VIDEO)

A New York Mets fan was caught on a broadcast camera as he repeatedly groped a woman during a game at Citi Field on Sunday.

The man, whose identity is not known at this time, could be seen sitting on the third base line during the seventh inning of the game grabbing at the breast of the woman next to him.

The woman seemed annoyed by his actions as the PIX11 network camera caught her angrily pushing away the man's hand.  

The two appeared to be attending the game against the Milwaukee Brewers together, but it is still clear from the video that the woman was not happy with the physical contact. 

"Guy just grabbed the girls boob with the striped shirt in background of Mets game. Anyone get that? I can't rewind with Optimum," wrote WFANtrades on Twitter, the first to notice the incident.

The Mets organization has yet to respond or comment on the video.

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