Saturday, May 30, 2015

300-pound pitcher takes mound in NAIA World Series (VIDEO)

When the St. Thomas (Miami) Bobcats bring out their big guns, they really mean big.

Against Lewis-Clark State in the NAIA World Series Friday night, the Bobcats started Ben Ancheff — a 6-2, 300-pound righthander whose appearance in a well-stuffed uniform became an Internet sensation and started a conversation about what defines an athlete's body.

One Twitter user said, "Whoever says "Pitchers aren't athletes" obviously haven't seen St. Thomas' Ben Ancheff in NAIA WS."

Another tweet said, "This guy is pitching right now...why aren't you watching? #fatguyTD."
Don't let Ancheff's hefty size fool you. The Round Mound on the Mound  was impressive after allowing only one run over four innings while striking out five before leaving with arm soreness. Lewis-Clark ended up rallying to win the NAIA World Series 10-7.

Chris Farley would have been proud of the big fella.

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