Monday, August 29, 2011

Katy Perry Gives Cheesehead Hat a New Look at the VMA's

It would have to be an extremely windy day in New York City before I would even give a damn about singer Katy Perry or the MTV Video Music Awards in general, but being trapped inside my apartment because of the subsiding winds of Hurricane Irene and the Yankees blowing out the Orioles, I did, by chance, come across the show.


Perry accepted an award wearing what looked like a Cubism version of the Green Bay Packers iconic Cheesehead head wear.  The awkward-fitting hat (?) looked as if Picasso or maybe Georges Braque (no, he wasn't a kicker from the old AFL)  had designed it himself.

I don't know if it will catch on in Wisconsin.  It looks less like the familiar cheese wedge you would use to lure a mouse into a trap than a cube of cheddar lanced by a toothpick that you would find at a snooty art gallery opening.

I'm not sure it was an awkward attempt at being a Cheesehead, but if it was, Perry should have had a brat and a beer in each of her hands.

The MTV VMA's, which pretty much spotlights everything wrong with our culture, featured a Bowser-looking Lady Gaga and Lil' Wayne smashing a guitar he barely plays.

Perry, the former-gospel singer,  wore the yellow block on her head while she accepted her "Video of the Year" award for "Firework.".  She thanked her husband (latest Vegas odds on divorce, 7:2, really) Russell Brand, and Perry didn't kiss a girl.  That display of rebellion has gotten a little tired.

The highlights of the evening included lots of bleeped out speeches and Britney Spears getting a "Lifetime Achievement Award" at the ripe old age of 29.

The big news was Kanye West letting everyone down by not interrupting anyone's Moon Man moment to make a drunken statement on his behalf.

Just around the bend, hipster cheesehead hats at an Old Navy near you soon.


  1. Official music video for Katy Perry's "Firework" off her album 'Teenage Dream'. Director: Dave Meyers. Producers: Robert Bray & Danny Lockwood.

  2. Perry was credited as a guest judge on the seventh series of British television show The X Factor, has released a fragrance called "Purr", and voices Smurfette in the 2011.