Sunday, August 28, 2011

Showalter Fires Back at Girardi's Lack of Compassion

Buck Showalter wasn't too happy with his former team, the New York Yankees, complaining about how this weekend's games were rescheduled due to Hurricane Irene.  The Baltimore Orioles head coach was making a reference to the O's plan of refusing to play a double-header on Friday.  Showwalter directed most of his anger at Yankees head coach Joe Girardi for his lack of compassion.

The Orioles had scheduled a Friday night tribute to former-Orioles pitcher, team executive and broadcaster Mike Flanagan who took his own life last Wednesday.

Girardi was puzzled buy the Orioles decision not to squeeze in the make-up game the same night and said their final say was "silly to me."

This remark steamed Showalter and the Orioles organization, who were still reeling from Flanagan's sudden death.

"First of all, I felt that some of the stuff was a little disrespectful to Flanny, quite frankly," Showalter said when told about the Yankees condemnation of this weekend's scheduling.  "That didn't sit well with me very well.  I can tell you that.  We didn't say much-- I think we had an April rainout there-- and they just told us we were playing.  We were OK with that.  Like I told you the other day, you tell us when we're playing, we'll play."

The Orioles had a moment of silence and a video tribute to Flanagan on Friday which highlighted his career.  A large #46 (his number) adorned the visiting scoreboard instead of the out-of-town scores and the Baltimore players wore a patch on the right arm of their jerseys.

It was a nice ceremony-- even the Yankees team came out of their dugout, but didn't exactly take up a lot of time. 

Yankees centerfielder Curtis Granderson also expressed his frustration at the O's decision by issuing a prepared statement to the press criticizing the Orioles handling of the schedule  and saying the solution was inadequate.

Girardi wasn't quiet about not playing a double-header on Friday after Saturday's game was already considered a wash-out due to the hurricane.

Showalter said the Yankees called Orioles president of operations Andy McPhail only 24 hours before the series started-- asking to play two on Friday.  The O's declined for a list of reasons -- including the short notice and loss of money in playing a Friday afternoon game.

The Yankees were not pleased with the outcome-- using a Sept 8 off-day to make up one of Saturday's double-header games.

Asked if there was any way avoid using the Sept. 8 off-day-- which is one of two remaining off-days for New York,  Girardi opened up the idea of playing the game as part of a split-doubleheader in New York instead of Baltimore in a move that would help the Yankees because they travel cross-country to Anaheim to play the Angels on Sept. 9. while they are in the middle of a playoff race.  I've got my own team to worry about says Bucky.

"We hope we can be as competitive as they are," said Showalter.  "I respect where they are in the season and what their people are saying about the competitive part of it, but it means something to us too."

Girardi might want to stop whining and start winning.  The Yankees Bartolo Colon was outdueled by the Orioles Zach Britton, 2-0, in the first game of the night-day doubleheader on Sunday.  

The Yankees are 14-10 so far this August and head to Boston on Tuesday.

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