Monday, August 29, 2011

New York Mets Fans Terrorized By New York Mutts At Citi Field

There are reports that the sidewalks surrounding Citi Field are becoming home to an increasing number of intimidating stray dogs.  Let the comparisons to the New York Mets begin-- except for the intimidating part.

Meet the Mutts.  The Dog Days of Summer.  The Mets are playing like dogs.  It's all funny until you know that the stray packs of junkyard dogs are more than a scary sight and just prowling -- they have reportedly attacked some fans.

According to the New York Post, the sidewalks around the home field of the Mets are going to the dogs.

"They came at me like a locomotive," Elaine Freerick told the Post about her encounter with a pit bull-shepherd mixed breed.  "That looked like a wolf."

"My friend, who is terrified of dogs, ran faster than I've ever seen her run before," said Freerick.  "I stood there and the pit bull rammed into me like a battering ram-- amazingly, I did not go down."

The dogs apparently wander over from the Willet's Point area of Queens.  The acres of auto body shops and junkyards are a no-man's land filled dirt roads, filth and unattended guard dogs-- many who wander off looking for food and shelter.  The area could double for the apocalyptic scenes from the "Mad Max" films.

These aren't the healthy happy pups fans see at Mets promotions like "Bark in the Park" where dog-owners are encouraged to enjoy the game from special seats with their pets.

These are free-running junkyard canines with little human contact.  The little they've had couldn't have been loving.

"The police and the security guards told me this happens all the time," said Freerick, who was not injured.  "What if I had been a child or elderly person?" she said.  " I can't believe the Mets would allow this kind of behavior."

A Mets spokes person told the Post that it has been made aware of the dog problem.

We have reached out to the appropriate agencies to address the matter.

This isn't the first controversy regarding dogs at Citi Field.  Earlier this season about 5,000 people signed a petition to stop the abuse of Coffee the dog.

Coffee, a toothless mixed breed was seen at every home game wearing a Mets cap with a pipe in his mouth with a sign begging for cash around his neck.

The "Stop Abusing Coffee" signers claimed the poor dog was left out in the baking sun without water or food while his owner collected easy money.

The sight of Coffee panting and drooling caused the group to take action.

Maybe the junkyard dogs are taking action themselves?

Guards claim the wild dogs are always around and are part of the environment.

"I see them running around.  I don't think they bother anybody," a guard told the Post.  "They seem to be peaceful, just living their own life.  We keep them out of the stadium."

Mets fans might disagree with part of that statement.  They probably think the struggling Mets team already puts nine mutts on the field at every game.

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