Saturday, April 16, 2011

Braylon Edwards: DUI Charge Was "B.S."

Braylon Edwards, the free-agent wide receiver of the New York Jets called his DUI arrest last year "B.S." and blamed all the attention it garnered on the New York City media.  In a Detroit radio station interview, Edwards claimed he wasn't even pulled over for driving under the influence, it was for tinted windows.

In the interview,  Edwards said he "wouldn't mind" returning to the Jets, and claimed he wasn't at fault for being arrested for suspicion of DUI last year with a blood alcohol level of 0.16---twice the legal limit.  It sounded like the NYPD and the New York media may keep him from coming back to the Jets.

 "Why I got pulled over wasn't even because of erratic driving or suspicion of intoxicated driving, it was for tinted windows, which is some B.S.," said Edwards.  "But you learn from it.  No matter if you drive there, you should have someone drive you back, be it a car service, cab a friend.  Don't put yourself in that situation."

Edwards was pulled over on the west side of Manhattan last Sept. 21  after a 31-23 win over the Miami Dolphins--a game where he scored an important touchdown.  He said the media blew the story out of proportion because it was in New York City.

"I wasn't the only guy to get a DUI last year," he said.  "A couple of athletes around the league have gotten DUI's, but the mere fact that that I was in New York, playing for the Jets, we had just got off "Hard Knocks," everyone was waiting for us to do something wrong anyway, it blew up."

Maybe the press blew it up because he put lives in danger and the Jets beat him with a feather as punishment.  The talented receiver was benched for the first quarter in their next game by the team.

It wasn't the first time Edwards did anything wrong.  He has several speeding violations and was once clocked doing 120 mph in a 65 mph zone.  Maybe he left the Browns because the Cleveland press made such a big deal out of him punching out LeBron James' buddy outside a nightclub a few years ago.

Whether or not Edwards returns to the Jets is any one's guess.  Besides disliking the New York media and NYPD,  Edwards hates the roads in the city.

"The bad thing about this situation is I never drive in New York," he claims.  "One, I don't know where the heck I'm going, and two, the roads are too bumpy and traffic is crazy.  I usually have a chauffeur, but it was  a random situation.  I went to a teammate's event and stepped out after that."

Edwards is waiting for the NFL labor dispute to end and isn't sure the Jets will be bring him and another free-agent receiver Santonio Holmes back as teammates.

At a charity basketball game, Edwards didn't totally dismiss returning to New York and predicted the the owners and union would reach an agreement soon.

"I wouldn't mind ending up back with the Jets," he said.  "I think we have a good chemistry and a good rapport and we're building on something."

Sorry to break the news to you Braylon but, if you come back to New York, the press, the cops and the potholes will still be here.

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