Friday, April 1, 2011

Carmelo Anthony Set To Appear On "Saturday Night Live"

Carmelo Anthony will hone his comedic chops on "Saturday Night Live" tomorrow.  According to the New York Post,  'Melo will make a guest appearance on the live show to be hosted by Elton John. 

"SNL" executive-producer Lorne Michaels was spotted courtside at Monday night's Knick game against the Orlando Magic, but according to reports, the two didn't mention 'Melo's upcoming appearance.

A spokesperson for "SNL" said, " We never confirm guest stars."

Elton John will be the host and musical guest for this Saturday's show, but it's any body's guess if 'Melo will show up with his own supporting cast for the segment.

Melo's teammate Amar'e Stoudemire could make an appearance at the studio.  It seems like he hasn't really been seen at Madison Square Garden in a while.

LaLa Vasquez, 'Melo's wife and reality show fixture, is a pretty good bet to be there.  The "entertainer" is always looking for the spotlight.

Anthony is no stranger to the camera.  He was in Common's video "Be" and shot the movie "Amazing" this past year with Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard.

"Amazing" was shot in Bejing, Shanghai and New York and is directed by an award-winning Chinese director.  The NBA players star alongside many of China's leading actors in a basketball-themed film about young people  achieving their dreams through hard work.

NBA players who tread from the court to the stage are a rare breed.  Some score--Ray Allen in "He Got Game"-- while others foul out--Shaquille O'Neal in "Kazaam."  Rick Fox is unforgettable in anything.

Melo's star power at the Garden had dimmed in recent weeks during the Knicks losing streak.  Maybe a Derek Jeter style appearance in drag is just the wake-up call he needs.  Although Jeter did have a championship ring to accessorize his skirt and high heels.

Here's hoping 'Melo finds his inner funny-bone and skips the all-night wrap-party.  He's got  a game against the Cavs on Sunday.  Now they're funny.

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