Thursday, December 16, 2010

New York Giants Will Have Dogs Ready For Vick On Sunday

Michael Vick better watch out what he wishes for because sometimes you get more than you want.  The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, who is enjoying an MVP caliber season after doing time for federal charges of dogfighting said, in a surprising request, he would like to have "another dog" as a pet.  The New York Giants defense may grant Vick his Christmas wish early this Sunday.

In an unbelievable year, after serving 19 months at the Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, the troubled QB has taken over the Eagles starting job and is the front runner for Comeback Player of the Year.  All the talk of redemption means nothing to the Giants as they battle the Eagles in another "Turnpike Tussle" for a playoff spot.

The Giants will get a second chance at stopping the scrambling Vick.  The two teams meet Sunday at the New Meadowlands Stadium tied for first place in the NFC East and, pardon the poor cliche, and expect the Giants to come out like a pack of mad dogs.  The Giants can clinch a playoff spot by beating the Eagles and the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers all lose.

During their first meeting on Nov. 21, the Giants pressured the Philadelphia QB with a variety of blitzes and held the free-wheeling QB to a total of 34 yards and he didn't account for any of the touchdowns in a 27-17 Giant loss to the Eagles.

Philly head coach admired Big Blue's defensive scheme.  He said they "had a great game plan."

That wasn't good enough for the Giants.  It just showed they could contain the speedy QB and keep him in the pocket.  They plan to prove they aren't scared of the dangerous Vick and charge him with increased safety blitzes.  The Giants D has 31 sacks this season and has already put six quarterbacks on the sidelines. Vick has been slowed down by a cracked sternum in recent weeks.

Giant safety, Deon Grant said, " A defense never plays scared."

Vick is not your typical offensive weapon.  He has thrown for 2,513 yards and rushed for an additional 483 yards.  "I'm just trying to be a leader," the re-invented quarterback said.

The Philadelphia offensive line's game plan is to offer added protection for their much-maligned QB.  On a wall in the Eagles locker room are six photos with the inscription "illegal helmet hits against defenseless players."  Below the images is the word "PROHIBITED" in red ink.

It is to remind the team about the number of questionable "hits" Vick's body has absorbed after he leaves the pocket and scampers for the sidelines.  Eagle players believe, even with all of the NFL's tough talk about illegal hits, there is a double-standard for Vick.  They are frustrated by the lack of calls from the referees and, among his teammates, believe it all leads to Vick's well-publicized past.

The Giants are going into the game with a shortened rest week, due to last Sunday's postponement and relocation of their winning game against the Vikings.  Expect them to hit the field with more than just bark.

Vick has made appearances on behalf of the Humane Society since being released from the pen, but is prohibited form owning a dog due to the conditions of his release from prison.  Vick claims he owned a beagle-mix while growing up in Virginia and said, " I could take care of an animal in my household."

On Sunday, he will be staring into a pack of eleven crazed animals in their household.

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