Thursday, December 16, 2010

New York Yankees Fans Hoped A.J. Burnett Was Divorcing Team

ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd reported yesterday that New York Yankee righthander, A.J. Burnett went through a "terrible" divorce this past season.  Darek Braunecker, Burnett's agent, called the "report" untrue and personal problems did not contribute to the Yankee pitcher's poor season.

Cowherd ticked off Braunecker by claiming on his radio show that Burnett "went through a terrible divorce and he still might be going through it."  Cowherd continued by saying, "His wife was vindictive and spiteful.  I don't even feel comfortable telling you [the audience] everything.  The stories are ugly."

Braunecker denied the report and said, "Colin Cowherd has no idea what he's talking about.  A.J. Burnett is not in the process nor was he ever in the process of of getting a divorce.  It's unequivocally false, and it's really irresponsible of Colin Cowherd to report that.  We've taken issue with that."

The agent claimed neither Cowherd or anyone from ESPN contacted him before airing the story and that Burnett was aware of the report.

Burnett may not be going through a messy divorce, according to his agent, but his second season as a Yankee was ugly and his relationship with fans is definitely on-the-rocks.

He finished 2010 with a record of 10-15 and an ERA of 5.26 and was inconsistent throughout the year.  Yankee fans have called for the disappointing starter to be relegated to the bullpen.  It might still be hard for the Bleacher Creatures to find it in their pinstripe hearts to believe that marital problems were the root of his erratic performance on the mound--even if they were true.

Braunecker railed against the radio show host's report and said, "This is irresponsible on Cowherd's part.  His reporting inaccuracies should be brought to light.  This must be his idea of shock jockery."

As Braunecker considered what actions they can take against Cowherd he stressed, "They [Burnett and his wife Karen] are happily married."

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