Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rex Ryan Tells 'Cheeseheads' To Watch Their Backs

By Tony Mangia

The head coach of the New York Jets, Rex Ryan, had his stomach tied up last spring to limit his intake of food and lose weight.  Too bad they didn't stitch his mouth shut so we wouldn't be prone to his press outtakes as well.  The Meadowlands mouth may have only been joking yesterday when he warned the cheesehead fans of Green Bay about venturing into the New Meadowlands Stadium or cheering for their beloved Packers in New York bars, but  knowing Jets fans, it could cause some trouble.

"I wouldn't want to wear Green Bay stuff coming to our stadium---no way," the human bobble head  said when he was asked about the throngs of green and gold wearing fans who are known for taking over huge chunks of stadium seats--home or away.

"This is our fans...our team," the coach stressed.  I don't know if a Packer fan would want to waste his time coming to this environment.  But if they travel well, they travel well.  We'll see.  As long as they travel home mad and disappointed with the game, that's fine with me."

Ryan didn't stop there.  He riled up Jets and Packer fans who might cross paths in their local sports bars. "I'm not saying go to your local establishment, but go to your local establishment. Hopefully they'll have the game on there (fans can) pound a couple of beers.  I'm not responsible if they pound someone wearing a Green Bay Packer (jersey).  I just want to make sure that's been documented."

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