Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Philly Fighter Says Tiger Sex Tape is Bogus

By Tony Mangia


The purported sex tape starring the golf great Tiger Woods is a fake.  A Philly club fighter, Teneal Goyco, 29, claims the "Tiger Woods" in the XXX video is him.  Goyco says he was paid $1,000 by Tampa hooker Devon James to pose as Woods for a steamy two hour romp.

Goyco claims that James and her husband Nick propositioned him at a Philadelphia nightclub on July 30, where the couple were appearing in a celebrity boxing match.  After a few beers and vodkas, the trio headed to a local Comfort Inn, where the action took place.

The cruiserweight fighter, who faintly resembles the golfer said the amateur filmmakers had him dress up  like Tiger in a sweater vest, blue khakis and topped off with a Nike hat.  "They put makeup on my face," the duped Goyco claims," Because I am a bit darker than Tiger."

"I saw an opportunity to make a few bucks to have sex with a pretty girl," said the fighter.  "It was cash up front...got to get the paper," he recounted.

Goyco said James told him to play along as she repeatedly moaned and groaned the name "Tiger".   "I thought I was fulfilling this women's  fantasy of having sex with  Tiger Woods," he said.

The boxer thought nothing of the rendezvous until he spotted a website with a photo of James promoting the $29.95 tape.  The advertisements claimed that Goyco was Tiger Woods.  He was angered by the deception after he saw the raunchy promo.  "I had no idea she was going to set up a tape of Tiger Woods," the dismayed Goyco said.  " I wanted some money...not ruin someone's life."

James said she was paid $350,000 for the video by a DVD distribution company plus half of the profits.

 According to Goyco, the tape was to only be seen by the couple and not publicly distributed.  All three watched the tape before he left the hotel.  "I didn't know they would use it to make money," the Tiger stand-in stated.   James has called Goyco a liar.  "It's not true," she said.  "Nick (her husband) doesn't allow me to do to do boy-girl porn anymore."

The hooker also falsely claimed Tiger had a sexual relationship with her and was the father of her love child.

While the distribution company takes orders and  prepares for a Nov. 15 shipping date, Goyco's statements have cast doubts about the authenticity of the Tiger Tapes.  Goyco has spoken with a lawyer about a potential case against James and her husband.

A second-rate boxer is deceived into finding fame and fortune in Philadelphia.  I wonder if they are going to call it Rocky VII?

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