Monday, October 25, 2010


By Tony Mangia


Brett Favre, the married quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings, has admitted to sending inappropriate text messages to former-Jets sideline reporter, Jennifer Sterger in a twisted bid to rendezvous with the sexy TV personality.  According to Fox's Jay Glazer yesterday, Favre confessed to the voicemails but claimed he never texted pictures of his penis to her.  The NFL has not commented on the situation but if Favre is guilty of violating the league's player-conduct policies, he could be suspended and fined.

Last week, Sterger retained a lawyer, former federal prosecutor Joseph Conway last and, although she has not commented publicly, there is evidence she is "strongly considering" speaking with the NFL about the sleazy 2008 voicemails and texts. There have been indications she could meet with league officials as early as this week.

 Favre denies sending the photos of his privates but a website,, claims that both the text messages and images originated from the same phone number.

Sterger worked for the Jets and it was in training camp two years ago where the ex-Jets QB became interested the the attractive sideline reporter.

 If Favre is found guilty after the NFL's investigation, look for Commissioner Roger Goodell's punitive decisions to be swift but difficult.  Questions Goodell will have to consider.  Did Favre violate the personal conduct-policy?  Should he be suspended?  For how long? If Goodell suspends Favre, it would put an end to the player's NFL record for consecutive starts.

In one voicemail,  he suggests Sterger meet him at his hotel room.  "Just got done with practice, got meetings here for a couple of more hours..." the grandfather allegedly said, "Send me a text, I'd love top see you tonight." Not exactly XXX, but that's Goodell's call. 

Sterger's manager, Phil Reese said that FBI agents are working to find out who gave her phone number to Favre.  "There is a person of interest... and he is very aware that we know who he is," claims Reese.

"Unfortunately, the person in the picture didn't also hold up their driver's license," said Reese, "So I'm not going to speculate on an identity.  But I'm working with people to diligently get all the facts."

 Sterger is very much a person of interest for league officials.  She is not obligated to cooperate with the NFL.  League spokesperson, Greg Aiello, stressed, " We will continue to pursue opportunities to speak with individuals that potentially have information."

While Sterger has been clamming up--at least for moment--the New York Jets have been cooperating  with the NFL in it's investigation.  The Jets want to distance themselves as far away from  controversy and Favre as soon as possible.  They've had one-too-many sexy reporter incidents after last summer's locker room scandal with Mexican "journalist" Ines Sainz already on their player-conduct rap sheet.

Sterger's lawyers have denied there have been any discussions with Favre about a financial settlement.  She now works as a television host for Versus network.

It's been a rough week for the 41 year old quarterback.  On Tuesday, Favre was grilled by NFL Vice-president of Security, Milt Ahlerich, then yesterday threw three second-half interceptions in a national TV loss to his former-team and division rivals, the Green Bay Packers, and finally gets thrown under the bus by his head coach on Sunday night.

Vikings head coach, Brad Childress, ripped into his QB for throwing a foolish interception and wiping out any chance of a comeback against the Packers in a game that could be the final blow in a disappointing season.  "You can't throw it to them," the coach said,"You've got to play within the confines of our system."

Favre's pathetic attempt to woo Sterger proves the old gunslinger plays "outside the system" off the playing field as well.

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