Monday, May 9, 2016

Enough with all this madness about Bartolo Colon's home run

Not since Hank Aaron's historic No. 715 has baseball seen a home run as widely celebrated as the one Bartolo Colon dumped into the left field seats at Petco Park Saturday night.

Even Padres pitcher James Shields — the pitcher who gave up the shot — has self-appointed himself "President of the Bartolo Colon Fan Club."

The 19-year MLB vet is a likable enough guy, but it's time for the madness about a single long ball to stop.

We get it. A 42-year-old fat guy lofts a ball into the stands for his first career dinger, wobbles around the bases and all hell breaks loose. And now we get to hear Mets announcer Gary Cohen's now immortal "the impossible has happened" ad nauseum until blood runs out of your ears.

And we've have heard Mets Spanish station WEPN's broadcast clip so much it makes hearing GOOOOOOAAALLLLL sound like sweet music:

Now Topps has even turned the image of Colon's dinger into a baseball card:

So all you chubby-chasing baseball fans compose yourselves. It was so fortuitous a swing that even the 19-year MLB veteran almost carried the bat all the way to first base with his helmet over his eyes. So get over it.

And if you didn't figure it out by now... I'm a Yankees fan who fondly remembers when El Barto squeezed himself into slimming pinstripes.

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