Monday, May 2, 2016

Cyclists injured after crashing into pace motorcycle during nighttime Brooklyn bike race (VIDEO)

More than just hipsters' artisanal beers were spilled on the sidelines Saturday night when at least seven bike racers were injured in a giant pile-up during a nighttime race in Brooklyn.

The epic crash occurred during the Red Hook Criterium after a pace motorbike stalled just behind a corner on one of the tightest sections of the course at the beginning of the men's final race, giving the speeding cyclists little time to swerve out of the way.

Two of the riders hit the motorbike, flipping end over end, with dozens more behind them getting caught in the huge tangle of spokes and bodies.

Video below:

The motorbike was supposed to be riding ahead of the cyclists to mark first place when it broke down and left its driver stranded, according to The Gothamist.

Video appears to show the racers going on either side of the stopped motor scooter, which is unable to move, until one biker hits it head-on.

The race was restarted, but there was an hour's delay since the four ambulances on duty got filled up and had to come back before the race started. There was a second crash that involved 10 people when the race was restarted.

The Red Hook Crit, as the race is also known, is an annual three-quarter mile fixed-gear track-bike race that started in 2008 as an underground event.

The event is now sponsored by Rockstar Games, creators of the Grand Theft Auto series of video games.

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