Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tony Hawk Does A Heelflip Into Arms Of Best Friend's Wife

Filthy rich skateboarding star Tony Hawk, who filed for divorce from his third wife Lhotse Merriam in Feb., has done a 360 and skated into the arms of his best friend and business partner's wife.

According to the New York Post, Hawk--who dumped Merriam, his former publicist--is now Mongo-Footing with Matt Goodman's wife Cathy.  Hawk and Goodman are childhood friends as well.

The report said Merriam found out about her celebrity skate-boarder husband's secret relationship in December after she found a plane ticket for Cathy that Hawk had booked for her to join him in San Francisco.  Talk about a Poser doing a Noseslide.

Hawk filed for divorce from Merriam in San Diego on Feb. 11.  They have one daughter together.  Hawk has three sons from previous marriages.

The 44 year-old legendary skater seems to like his work, but love his employees and business associates wives even more.  He married Merriam, who was employed by Hawk, in 2006 two years after divorcing his second wife, Erin, his former nanny.

The Goodmans were married for nearly twenty years and have two children.  Sources say they have now separated.

Goodman and Hawk had been friends since childhood.  Goodman stood as a groomsman at each of Hawk's three weddings.  Looks like that streak could end.

Hawk, who was credited with being the first boarder to land "The 900" has been praised with turning skateboarding into the popular extreme sport it is today.  He is a millionaire many times over  from his Tony Hawk Pro-Skater video games--15 versions in all--and personal appearances.

Together, Goodman and Hawk founded the action-sports movie production company 900 Films.

The report said Hawk and Cathy were recently spotted together in New York City.

Neither Merriam or Goodman had a comment.  A representative for Hawk said, " We do not comment on the personal lives of our clients."

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