Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lawrence Taylor Pleads Guilty To Two Misdemeanor Sex Charges

Former NFL great Lawrence Taylor pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges for sexual misconduct today in a Rockland County, New York courthouse.  The ex-New York Giant will be sentenced in March and is most likely looking at 3-6 years of probation with no jail time.

Taylor was arrested for his role in a teenage prostitution bust at a Holiday Inn last May 6.  He admitted paying $300 to a teenage girl for sex.  He claimed he believed the girl was 19 years-old.  The District Attorney's Office charged Taylor with "improper sexual conduct involving an underage girl."

In court, Taylor admitted he knows now that the girl was 16 years-old at the time.

Taylor plead guilty to 1 count of sexual misconduct and 1 count of patronizing a prostitute in the 3rd degree.

Outside the courthouse Taylor had no comment but his attorney, Arthur Aidala, said the Hall of Fame linebacker "wants to put it behind him" and is satisfied that the case "ended swiftly."  He said Taylor acknowledged that the girl was 16 but his client "was lied to."

Taylor will be sentenced in March.  The judge will probably show leniency because Taylor is cooperating with authorities to break up a sex-trafficking operation involving the young girl's pimp.

In addition to the probationary period and monetary fine, Taylor will have to register as a sex offender.

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