Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brian Cashman Mixes It Up At NYC Saloon

Brian Cashman has been taking a lot of shots this winter.  On Wednesday night, the New York Yankees GM finally got a chance to hand them out when he acted as guest bartender at a New York Pub.

Cashman braved a winter storm to get behind the Manhattan bar called Foley's and try his hand at pouring the perfect Guinness and getting close and personal with Yankee fans.  It was all for fun and a good cause--the Ed Randall's Bat for a Cure.  The charity promotes prostate cancer awareness.

While this wasn't the type of draft he was used to being around, Cashman showed himself to be quite the mixologist.  Maybe he is looking for a new career.  His contract is up after next season.  Throwing out sauced patrons has to be a lot easier than dealing with Scott Boras.

Cashman has been pretty busy this off-season in between rappelling down a building in Connecticut and slinging drinks tonight.  There was that whole Cliff Lee fiasco, the contentious contract talks with Derek Jeter and taking orders from Hank and Hal Steinbrenner over the signing of Rafael Soriano.  If anyone needs a drink, it's Cashman.

The embattled GM handled the happy hour crowd like a pro.  The fans left more than monetary tips in his jar and were thirsty for more than a brewski.  "Trade Joba," a fan suggested.  "Who's the fifth starter?,"  chimed another.  Cashman did what every good barkeep does, he smiled, drew another stout and told a joke...So Derek Jeter walks into centerfield...

They should have called the drink special of the night the "Flimsy Rotation."  It goes something like this: 1-part CC, 1-part Hughes, 1-part Burnett and garnish with Nova and Mitre.  A little bitter,  and not really that strong.

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