Monday, July 31, 2017

Chris Christie holds onto nachos while Cubs fan loses his nuts in stadium confrontation

By Tony Mangia

It doesn't really matter if you consider Chris Christie a bully, a blowhard, a traitor, a fathead or — worst of all — a Cowboys fan, you have to admit that, unlike the oozing cheese on a warm tray of nachos, the round mound of New Jersey doesn't melt when the chips are down.

On Sunday the unpopular governor showed that double-wide side when he got in the face of a Chicago Cubs fan during a game in Milwaukee — all while never releasing his precious grip on a bowl of the gooey snack he was carrying.

The nachos-toting Christie was walking down the aisle at Miller Park when a Cubs fan who had nothing better to do than razz the rotund Christie by yelling out at the not-so-hard-to-miss politician.

And his comments had nothing to do with down in front, side, rear or section 215!

So, in his typical brash Jersey style, an intense stare-off between the blustery Guv and suddenly not-so-big-mouthed fan was on. 

“When he initially was going up the stairs I yelled his name,” Cubs jersey-wearing fan Brad Joseph told WISN-TV in Milwaukee.

“He was quite a bit past me, and 30 feet away I yelled his name and told him that he sucked . . . I called him a hypocrite because I thought it needed to be said.”

That's when, according to Joseph, Christie turned back toward him and got in his face while firmly clutching that tray of nachos with one hand.

“First he told me, ‘Why don’t you have another beer?’ which I thought was a decent come back, and I thought that was kind of funny,” he told the station. “Then he started calling me a tough guy.”

Christie, who was at the game visiting his son who works for the Brewers, was also heard on the video sarcastically telling the guy “You’re a big shot!”

While Joseph wilted like a soggy bag of fries on a Seaside Heights boardwalk, Christie kept his all-you-can-eat gaze on the now suddenly timid Cubbie before waddling away. 

Whether suitable or not, politicians should be used to comments in all public areas but, in Christie's case, feedback seems to be off limits when the feedbag is on.

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