Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tennis star Eugenie Bouchard fulfills Super Bowl bet with fan after Falcons blew game

Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard was seen on a date with an unfamiliar young man at a New York Nets game Wednesday night — the result of a bet she made with the lucky fan on Twitter during the Super Bowl.

Lucky... if you consider watching the Nets anything but torture.

With the Falcons leading the Patriots by 25 points during the game, John Goehrke, a 20-year-old Pats fan, tweeted at Bouchard “If patriots win we go on date?”

Bouchard, who has been trolled by bigger names like the Mets' Matt Harvey in the past, responded to the tweet with a confident, “sure” on a bold wager that Goehrke really had nothing to lose.

Anyway, by now we all now know the Patriots came back to win and we also get to find out that Bouchard is a woman of her word.

The couple were seated courtside and even go to throw t-shirts into the stands during an intermission.

It must have been a night to remember for Goehrke who can go now back to staring at the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model's photos and troll more celebrities.
At least one sure bet was the Nets. They lost 129-125 to the Bucks.

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