Tuesday, August 30, 2016

High school mascot re-enacts Harambe tragedy at football game

The Cincinnati Zoo recently deleted its social media accounts commemorating Harambe the gorilla in an attempt to quell the tide of Internet memes and jokes posted by snarky trolls.

And while all the complaints and petitions to halt the memes of the 17-year-old lowland silverback — who was shot with a rifle after dragging a three-year-old child throughout his enclosure — might have had some effect, that didn't stop two students at an Illinois high school from performing an easily recognizable re-enactment of the tragic incident at a recent high school football game.

During a game between Oswego East and West Joliet, the two teenagers entertained the crowd with a somewhat inappropriate performance which included Oswego East's mascot — wearing a gorilla costume — grabbing the other dressed as a small child and dragging him down the sideline.

At one point, the “gorilla” chased down a person in a banana costume who was holding a sign that read “R.I.P. Harambe” to a cheering crowd, as a video Snapchat showed.

The mascot also riled up the crowd by handing out high fives and prompting students in the stands to wave their arms in unison.

Harambe was fatally shot in May after little Isiah Dickerson fell into the animal's enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo, sparking outrage over the popular gorilla's death. The incident sparked a backlash around the world as people slammed both the zoo's actions and the boy's family members for failing to stop him.

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