Friday, August 19, 2016

French race walker poops pants, collapses and still finishes 50K Olympics race (VIDEO)

It’s easy to joke that every competitor in a race walk event looks like they are making a nervous beeline to the nearest restroom but, during Friday's Olympics, one French racer's funny gait actually signaled a bathroom emergency during a race.

Yohann Diniz built up a lead in the 50-kilometer walk but, around mid-point through the race, his No. 1 status was about to become more about No. 2 — and I don't mean positioning.

The world record holder appeared to lose control of his bowels on the course and ended up stuffing wet sponges down his shorts to help stem the tide of the gastro-intestinal inconvenience.

With 20K to go, Diniz had a healthy lead — 1 minute, 28 seconds — on the rest of the field when he pulled up complaining of stomach pain. At the 35K mark, Diniz keeled over and collapsed onto the pavement.

Officials helped the gritty high-school sports coach from France back to his feet before he doused his head with a bottle of water, rubbed himself down with ice cubes and was off again.

"His legs were wobbling like cooked spaghetti at times" reported The AP.

While food was probably the last thing on his mind at that time, Diniz didn't let Rio turn into Diarrhio and managed to finish the race in 8th place.

Suffice it to say, they might want to give a brown medal to that 9th place finisher.

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