Thursday, April 21, 2016

Yankees’ Aaron Hicks records 105 mph throw from left field to home on double play (VIDEO)

There seems to be a statistic for every aspect of baseball these days and Aaron Hicks just put name in the books for probably one of the most obscure.

The Yankees left fielder started in place of Brett Gardner Wednesday night and in the fourth inning turned in a double play with a rocket of a throw from deep in the outfield.

The A's had already scored three runs in the inning when Yonder Alonso came to bat with the bases loaded. The Oakland first baseman skied a fly ball to left field with that Hicks hauled in. The left fielder then delivered a one-hop strike home to catcher Brian McCann to gun down DH Danny Valencia tagging up from third. The double play ended the inning.

MLB Statcast registered the throw at 105.5 mph — the fastest ever by an outfielder.

"When you know your ball's not tailing and you've got that nice four-seam going straight, you know you're going to get a solid hop," Hicks said of the throw. "I did today."

Hicks had an opportunity on a similar play earlier in the inning, but his throw home got away from McCann.

The young outfielder may have a cannon of an arm, but the Yankees' bats are still pop-guns. They lost, 5-2.

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