Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Plaxico Burress' Custom-Made Chopper Has Philadelphia Eagles Hue

After spending 20 months cooped up in an up-state New York prison, Plaxico Burress, the former-NFL wide-out was probably more than ready to hit the open road on his custom-made motorcycle, yesterday.  Curiously, the green and silver-flamed chopper has an uncanny resemblance to a Philadelphia Eagles helmet.

One day after his release from the Oneida Correctional Facility, Burress spent time with his family at their home in Light House Point, Fla., before getting his Easy Rider on.

A lot has been made about where Burress could end up playing once, or when,  the NFL lockout ends.  Much chatter has Burress joining another convicted felon, Michael Vick, on the Philadelphia Eagles.

When the former- New York Giant walked out of prison on Monday morning , he was sporting a Philadelphia Phillies baseball cap.  It had people speculating about whether or not it was a subtle hint as to what city he wants to resume his football career in.  Burress has said nothing except he is ready to play once again.

Just about every NFL team is in the hunt for Burress's game-breaking services but the front-runners look like the Eagles,  St. Louis Rams or Miami Dolphins.

Burress caught the game-winning touchdown in the Giants 2008 Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots nine months before he was arrested for accidentally shooting himself inside a Manhattan nightclub.

Burress looked fit while showing off his fully tricked-out Harley with it's Eagles color-scheme.

Coincidence?  I'd be more comfortable seeing his scooter decked out in Giants blue with red trim.

The NFL lockout prevents Burress from talking with any teams right now, but if he signs with the Dolphins; Burress can tool around on his V-twin ride year round.  Then again, if he joins the Eagles, Burress' two-wheeler won't need a new paint job.

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