Saturday, January 7, 2017

Wisconsin student facing charges after high school dodgeball game turns violent 

An 18-year-old Wisconsin high school student is facing charges after he assaulted another student during a heated game of dodgeball.

Jacob Sigler was slapped with one count of substantial battery after he punched an unidentified 16-year-old opponent in the head at Ellsworth High School on Oct. 11 during a the schoolyard game.

The victim and his mother reported Sigler to the police, citing that he and three other students were targeting him specifically during the game, and when Sigler ran out of balls, he became freaky-naughty and threw a fist.

Lucky there were no wrenches around.


According to Fox 9, Sigler “closed his fist and punched [the victim] in the face,” knocking the teenager to the ground.

The victim’s mother said her son suffered a facial fracture after taking a CT scan.

Sigler and the victim reportedly did not have any previous altercations in the past but, during questioning, Sigler told police the victim had aimed at his face during the game.

"I'm not his best friend, but I know him, and I don’t have a problem with him, not until then,” he said. “Just at that moment, I had a problem with him."

Sigler also said the game was just a "friendly fight” and “competitive game of dodgeball.”

And for everyone's future reference, the game is called bombardment.

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