Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Bogeys

Manhattan streets got eerily quiet. The Price is Right was preempted. Katie Couric and the other network anchors appeared on morning television screens. Tiger Woods spoke and the Earth shifted. Thirteen minutes later that same world would right itself as even the casual Woods fan watched. He looked older, puffier and red-eyed. He stared awkwardly hard into the camera and asked the world forgive his "mistake", which probably included the 20 "mistakes" he allegedly made with just one of his harem bimbos. If you remember his hormone-driven texts to his mistresses, you know Woods didn't write the scripted apology. Not once did I hear the words 'you're hot' or 'I'm in the hotel room next door' spoken. It was all a front. The only time you saw him speak from his heart was when he accused the media--except the handpicked few who curled at his feet like Sadie, the Westminster Terrier--of terrorizing his family and blaming Elin. I never once recall the press blaming Elin for his problems--except maybe criticizing her for not using a heavier iron on his receding hairline. Tiger thrives on the media. He brought it onto his wife and children himself. This press 'event' was orchestrated by his public relations machine to help Woods make amends with his family, sponsors, and fans. Don't club the messenger Tiger. Woods represents much of what's wrong in this world. We respect the brand and not the man--winning equals character. Woods' verbal press release was at times moving and contrite but his arrogance still cut through the choked up appeals . His atonement was no different from a criminal who finds God (in this case Buddha) from behind bars. He got caught. I don't know how Elin feels but I'm sure the companies who booked network advertising space at 10:59 a.m. were happy they got their money's worth of air time and amazingly... it wasn't Nike.

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