Thursday, November 26, 2015

Colorado player ejected for biting Air Force opponent (VIDEO)

Colorado's Tory Miller might pushing away that first helping of turkey on Thanksgiving after he already had a mouthful of a Falcon in his mouth Wednesday night.

The Buffaloes forward appeared to bite the shoulder of an Air Force player while vying for possession and it was all caught on camera.

The Buffaloes ended up beating the Falcons, 81-70 after Miller was ejected from the game. The flagrant 2 foul could result in a one-game suspension for Miller if deemed an "act of fighting."

Fighting? That's nothing compared to the battles over a leg at some Thanksgiving dinners I've been to.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

College basketball team forfeits game after coach gets fired

A Division III basketball team forfeited a conference game right before tip-off to protest the firing of its coach Tuesday night. Players from William Paterson in Wayne, N.J., dressed and warmed up before collectively walking off the court as the game was about to begin.

The forfeit against Ramapo College was a show support for longtime coach Jose Rebimbas, who was in his 21st season.

Rebimbas, the school’s leader in coaching wins with 384, declined comment on Wednesday, saying he would comment publicly at a later date. He said on Facebook on Sunday that he was fired because of a misunderstanding over facility rental fees for a camp he runs.

“The university has unfairly and illegally taken my right to coach and mentor the student-athletes I love,” Rebimbas said. “I am prepared to fight the actions of William Paterson University and restore my good name and that of the program.”

Athletic director Sabrina Grant and athletic spokeswoman Heather Brocious did not immediately return calls seeking comment from The Associated Press. The school is closed because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

“We came out on the floor, ready to go and it looked like they were ready to go,” said Ramapo coach Chuck McBreen said. “We came back to the bench to get ready for the introductions and they took off their shooting shirts, threw them on the floor and walked off the court.”

McBreen said his team packed up its belongings and left the gym.

“I left there with a numb feeling, like I was in shock,” McBreen said. “I never saw this coming.”

Terry Small, commissioner of the New Jersey Athletic Conference, said he’s not sure how the conference will proceed. He said he contacted the NCAA and the association doesn’t acknowledge forfeits.

“It’s uncharted territory,” Small said. “I know we do have a conference policy towards forfeits, but nothing like this.”

According to the Asbury Park Press, a person familiar with the dispute said that Rebimbas was fired after a loss Saturday night to Brooklyn College because he did not promptly pay the university fees pledged by high schools for the camp. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the situation.

The Pioneers went 21-8 last season, making their ninth trip to the NCAA Division III Tournament under Rebimbas. The Pioneers have won 20 games or more nine times in Rebimbas’ tenure and won the NJAC championship six times. They advanced to the NCAA Division III Final Four in 1999 and 2001 and advanced to the title game in 2001.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mets replace ‘Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow promo with Matt Harvey (PHOTO)

After the HBO hit show “Game of Thrones” sent the Twitter world into a frenzy Monday by including a photo of Jon Snow — a popular character who was presumably killed at the end of the last season — in a promotional tweet for their own upcoming season, the New York Mets answered with a copycat tweet of their own.

Only the Mets’ tweet features pitcher Matt Harvey in place of Snow.

And whether or not the Snow character is dead meant nothing to Mets fans who fought like the Starks and Lannisters over who should have been featured in the promo:

While other fans, they just wanted some more realism in their fantasy world:

And, coincidentally, didn't the Mets try and kill off Harvey last season too?


Referee robs Patriots of potential touchdown with ‘inadvertent whistle’ in game against Bills (VIDEO)

It looks like more than just the wind was blowing at Gillette Stadium last night. There were also "inadvertent" whistles and a referee's overinflated call to keep things swirling about.

But it was indeed a premature whistle blow during the Monday Night Football game that almost derailed the Patriots unbeaten streak before they managed a 20-13 win over the Bills.

Early in the third quarter, Danny Amendola caught a 14-yard pass from Tom Brady and was about to take off with an open field in front of him. But before Amendola could make his way down field, an official blew the play dead. It would later be announced as an "inadvertent whistle."

It was unclear why the whistle was blown, as no flag was thrown as Brady and Amendola were both well in bounds.

The confusion had fans, players and coaches in a frenzy.

In the end the Patriots were given the ball at their own 45-yard line where Amendola made the catch and then received another 15 yards due to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty assessed to the Bills as coach Rex Ryan had stepped on the out of bounds line.

And is anyone sure vengeful commish Roger Goodell wasn't hiding out in the stands with a whistle in his mouth last Night?

But, more importantly, that play cost me 12.9 points and a win in my fantasy league.

That really blows.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Antonio Cromartie's wife gets in nasty Twitter war with Jets fans

While her husband Antonio Cromartie was battling on the field against the Texans Sunday, the Jets cornerback's wife, Terricka, was having her own little war with Jets fans on her Twitter account.

Most of the tweets started early in the second half and got increasingly more vile. Many of them were insults about the number of children her husband has and the number of women he has had them with.

“I’ll Knock ur husbands teeth out one shot, u him and the 9 filth kids can meet me anytime,” one person tweeted at her.

The cornerback's wife kept firing back:

 The back-and-forth went on until her responses to the trolls turned downright venomous.

“Yo mama a Thot (sic) she should of aborted your ugly ass,” she wrote back at one person.

She later deleted several of her tweets during the game.

But when one fan asks her about the Patriots’ fan base, she responded, “at this point compared to the s–t we get [Patriots fans are] Amazing and Loyal.”

“To Sum it all up the Jets Fan Base ain’t s–t Period,” she wrote.

Cromartie didn’t fare well in the Jets’ 24-17 loss, and refused to speak to the media after the game.

But he had plenty to say to the Jets fans.

“At the end of the day my wife nor my kids r on the field so shld never b disrespected by our own fan base like this,” Cromartie tweeted after the game, along with a screenshot of some of the vulgar tweets directed at his wife.

Social media at its worst.

Ole Miss fan allegedly assaulted by police during LSU game (VIDEO)

Police officers working during Ole Miss' 38-17 win over LSU on Saturday appear to have assaulted an Ole Miss fan inside Vaught-Hemingway Stadium during the game.

Shocking video shows the moment a university police officer appears to punch Chris Barnes, a soldier with the National Guard, while he was at the game with his wife, Holly, after three officers approached him and tried to remove him from the stands.

His family say he had done nothing wrong and that police had mistaken him for someone who had thrown a cup from a few rows behind, reported the Clarion-Ledger.

Barnes appears to be arguing with the cops and, as he tried to resist their attempts to eject him from the game, one officer punched him in the eye.
A video posted on Facebook by Holly Barnes shows the three police officers confronting her husband and wrestling him to the ground when he refused to leave.

She claims her husband suffered a concussion andorbital wall and maxillary sinus fractures as a result of the assault.

The Oxford Police Department confirmed Sunday morning the officers in question don't work for the department.

"The officers involved are not officers with the University Police Department, but are certified officers from other jurisdictions hired to work security at home football games," wrote Ole Miss campus police in a statement provided to the media.

Barnes' family now plan to take action over the "wrongful assault."

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Australian kid hiccups way through national anthem at baseball game (VIDEO)

Seven-year-old Ethan Hall was given the honor of singing the national anthem ahead of the Australian Baseball League game between the Adelaide Bite and Brisbane Bandits and turned what could have been a vocal disaster into one of the cutest renditions of the song in history.

Seems the red-headed youngster got a case of the hiccups during the song. But Ethan didn't let the little interruptions ruin his big moment and battled through the song like a trooper.

He even shared some high-fives with the players afterwards.

Next time Ethan, chug a gallon of milk, breathe into a paper bag and have someone throw a little scare into to you before hitting the stage.