Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tony Mangia on assignment in China

A message to the readers of The Other Paper:

I will be in China  for the next month working with the kids for a couple of weeks before heading north to photograph the eagle hunters of Mongolia.

And, depending on the availability of the Internet, Facebook and blog postings will probably be difficult — specially while on a Li river raft or on horseback with the native Kazakh people. 

Keep checking to see if any photos or stories appear on The Other Paper site. Regular postings should return around May 20.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight in some Shanghai saloon. And, as for those dramas with A-Rod and Don Draper, I’ll just have to wait and see how they play out.

Thanks for the support — Zaijian — Tony Mangia

Carlos Carrasco carted off field after taking line-drive to face (VIDEO)

Even with a swollen face Carlo Carrasco considered himself one lucky dude Tuesday night.

The Indians pitcher was struck on the right side of the face with a line drive hit by Chicago's Melky Cabrera in the first inning of Cleveland's 4-1 loss to the White Sox and is grateful it wasn't worse.

Carrasco was carted off the field after he was knocked down by the liner that glanced off his glove and right hand before smacking him on the right side of the face. The right-hander crumpled to the ground in front of the mound as manager Terry Francona and a trainer quickly raced out to check on him.

After lying on the ground for a few minutes, Carrasco was helped to his feet by two Indians trainers before walking slowly to the cart holding the left side of his face. As he was driven off, he was given a warm ovation by Cleveland fans.

NBC pays tribute to Nassau Coliseum in final season (VIDEO)

The Islanders might have stumbled a bit down the stretch leading into the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but NBC does recognize a good story when it sees one.

And the Isles' curtain call at the Nassau Coliseum — before heading 30 miles west to Brooklyn next season — is certainly one of those.

Although it's been 22 years since the Isles last won a playoff series, NBC's promotional advertisement for its playoff coverage should bring back cherished memories of the glory days at the self-proclaimed barn to nostalgic Islanders fans.

The Islanders begin the first-round playoff series at Washington on Wednesday night, with Games 3 and 4 at Nassau Coliseum on Sunday and Tuesday.

Cardinals fan has Busch Stadium painted on his beer belly (PHOTOS)

It's not unusual for fans to have a favorite team logo or player shaved or tattooed onto their bodies but what does a person do to show his devotion to a whole stadium?

Well, one Cardinals fan showed his love by having a mural of Busch Stadium painted on his gut. 

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch said Jeff Rearden got it painted on at a bar before the game and proudly displayed it for the world to see.

"I just let the artist do whatever she wanted. And she painted this," he said.

Rearden was more than happy to oblige other fans with photographs. But here's hoping nobody asked to see the flagpole.

Judge orders V. Stiviano to return $2.6 million back to Donald Sterling’s wife: Report

A Los Angeles judge ruled that the wife of the former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is owed $2.6 million by V. Stiviano — the woman who was at the center of Sterling's NBA scandal which forced the ex-owner out of the league.

On Tuesday, Judge Richard Fruin Jr. awarded Shelly Sterling most of the nearly $3 million she had sought in a lawsuit against the young beauty her husband had showered with gifts.

Sterling had claimed that money used to buy V. Stiviano a house, luxury cars and stocks was her community property.

"Shelly is thrilled with the decision," attorney Pierce O'Donnell said. "This is certainly a victory for the Sterling family whose funds were dissipated by Donald to lavish millions of dollars of gifts on a conniving mistress."

Stiviano’s lawyer had argued the gifts were made when Donald and Shelly Sterling were separated and that Shelly Sterling couldn’t seek them from a third party.

The ruling comes nearly a year after Stiviano’s recording of Donald Sterling making racially offensive remarks forced him to sell the NBA team.

Shelly Sterling’s lawyers used other recordings to show he bought Stiviano a house, a $240,000 Ferrari and treated her to extravagant shopping sprees.

In the recordings on Stiviano’s iPhone, she and the 80-year-old billionaire are heard discussing how to shield the gifts from his wife.

“The truth is that everything that I have, you’ve given me from your heart without me begging or asking or throwing myself all over you,” Stiviano said in a clip played in court.

During the course of their 2 1/2 years together, Sterling gave her the Ferrari, a Bentley and a Range Rover, and paid the bulk of a $1.8 million duplex.

Sterling testified that he paid for the entire house, though Stiviano said she had contributed an unknown amount of money given to her in small bills by family members that she saved in a bedroom drawer.

Donald Sterling said Stiviano hadn’t contributed “50 cents” to the house and, noting that Stiviano is part black and Hispanic, said she illegally got her name inserted into escrow documents by befriending Hispanic bank and escrow employees.

Shelly Sterling filed the suit against Stiviano about a month before the recording of Donald Sterling telling Stiviano not to associate with black people created an uproar and led the NBA to ban him for life and fine him $2.5 million.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jason Pierre-Paul selling his Florida mansion after one-year franchise tag: Report

New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul is pulling up his southern stakes after he didn’t get the financial security he was looking for from the team up north this offseason.

So if you are in the market for a high-end Florida mansion, JPP has one for you.

Although it's about a 1,200 mile drive down I-95 from MetLife Stadium, Pierre-Paul has put his 5,433-square foot home in Boca Raton, Fla., on the market for $2.1 million probably because there's a good chance he will be with another team after next season.

The sixth-year veteran bought the palm-shaded house in 2012 and has added an open floor plan with high ceilings, a spa, a renovated kitchen, and a custom office area among other amenities.

And it’s not that JPP can’t afford the place — he'll make $14.8 million this year — it’s just that the one-year franchise tag the Giants gave him leaves the door open for a potential move. Pierre-Paul can leave the Giants as a free agent after the 2015 season, so he probably would not want to be tied down in Florida if he ends up with another team off the East Coast.

If that makes sense.

But there is still plenty of time for the team to work out a long-term extension with Pierre-Paul before he hits the open market. 

So Giants fans, don't take this move as some sort of long-term plan.

“Geographically, he might want to be in a different location,” explained his real estate agent.

Pacquiao gets speedbag with the face of Mayweather on it (PHOTOS)

Manny Pacquiao hardly needs any added motivation in preparation of his May 2 fight against Floyd Mayweather, but a personalized gift from celebrity lawyer Robert Shapiro has provided some nevertheless.

The Filipino fighter laughed with trainer Freddie Roach on Monday after Shapiro, most known for representing O.J. Simpson in the infamous 1995 trial, gave him a custom-made speedbag with Mayweather's face painted on it.

Speed is one of the weapons Pacman is expected to utilize against Mayweather when they face each other at the MGM Grand Garden Area in Las Vegas.

But punching bags don't hit back.