Tuesday, October 21, 2014

NFL fan wears offensive Ray Rice costume ... complete with blowup 'wife' he drags around by hair (PHOTOS)

With Halloween just around the corner, one NFL fan already found a way to offend just about everyone by wearing a Ray Rice costume — complete with a blowup version of the player's then-to-be wife he'd just beaten unconsciousness.

Photos of a man dragging the limp blowup doll by its hair showed up on Reddit Sunday in a forum reserved for taboo and tasteless humor called Too Soon.

Comments quickly flooded the site saying that anytime was too soon for the the costume. The photos were first posted by Redditor AL0311 along with the sick caption:

"Ladies were falling for my friends Ray Rice costume."

In the offensive photos — mimicking the famous domestic violence surveillance video at an Atlantic City casino (photo at bottom) —  the man wearing the former Baltimore Ravens running back's No. 27 jersey is seen dragging around a blowup doll in a long, dark wig.

Rice was suspended by the NFL and the case led to better awareness of domestic violence involving athletes. Legal experts now believe Rice has a strong case in his appeal against the suspension, and that he will likely win an argument that his suspension should only be six weeks, which has already passed.

These might be two of the worst ideas in a long time.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Giants' Jameel McClain loudly objects to Tony Romo calling him 'the Mike' before play (VIDEO)

During Sunday's game with the Giants, Cowboys signal-caller Tony Romo designated Big Blue's Jameel McClain as the "Mike" before the snap on a 3rd-and-5 situation.

Mike is a common term used by quarterbacks on almost every play to identify the middle linebacker on defense and it seems McClain took offense at being labelled such.

It's usually not a big deal, but McClain persistently and hilariously objected to Romo's name-calling.

"Fifty-Three!" Romo shouts while pointing in McClain's direction.

McClain who sauntered up to the neutral zone as he was being pointed out, shouted back: "No I'm not the Mike! I'm not the Mike!"

Giants fans have a few choice names they would like to call the team's whole defense after losing 31-21 — and it isn't as nice as Mike.

Indian Premier League soccer player dies from goal celebration (VIDEO)

A pro soccer player died Sunday from a goal celebration which went tragically wrong in India's Mizoram Premier League last Tuesday.

Peter Biaksangzuala died in hospital five days after landing on his head while attempting a multiple-somersault after scoring for Bethlehem Vengthlang FC — a club based in the north east Indian province of Mizoram.

The 23-year-old midfielder tied the match with a 62nd-minute score against Chanmari West FC in Tuesday's league match and celebrated with a series of acrobatic somersaults across the pitch.

Biaksangzuala's tumbling was modeled after the celebratory back-flip German World Cup star Miroslav Klose made famous (photo below).

Biaksangzuala apparently mistimed his landing and his head took the brunt of the violent fall.

Team-mates immediately rushed to his aid and he was carried off the pitch on a stretcher.

Biaksangzuala was rushed to Aizawl Civil Hospital where a CT scan revealed he had severely damaged his spinal cord and he was moved to an intensive care unit.

He spent five days in hospital, as doctors unsuccessfully attempted to heal his injuries, and was pronounced dead in the early hours of Sunday after being put on a ventilator.

"He was trying to do Germany's Klose signature flip stunt," said a source. "But it misfired unfortunately."

The team will retire his No. 21 jersey.

49ers did one thing Sunday night that made Peyton Manning really mad (GIF)

For most of the game against the 49ers Sunday night Peyton Manning had a big grin on his face. And why not? The Broncos quarterback had set an NFL record for career touchdown passes, toyed with the Niners defense and even got to spend the fourth quarter relaxing on the bench during his team's 42-17 blowout win.

Then the visitors called a useless timeout while they were trailing 42-10 with three minutes left in the game to preserve the clock, and Manning just shook his head.

But when San Francisco also took a timeout before an extra point attempt after scoring a touchdown with one minute left, Manning's dismay turned into a WTF.

Read his lips:

At least he can smile knowing he has the historic football to take home with him. Oops, about that spot on your mantle, Peyton.

Rangers score two goals in four seconds in victory over Sharks (VIDEO)

The New York Rangers scored two goals in four seconds against the Sharks Sunday night and it happened so fast, San Jose goalie Alex Stalock wasn't even certain it really happened.

Amazingly, the two quick scores by Martin St. Louis and Rick Nash wasn't a record. They tied a mark set by Kris King and James Patrick in 1991. But the second goal in that game was scored into an empty net.

St. Louis scored the first goal at 19:16 of the second period:

Four seconds later Rick Nash got the puck into the Sharks' net with 39 seconds remaining before the break.

The Rangers went on to win, 4-0.

NFL tweet lists all of Peyton Manning's 509 TD pass recipients (PHOTO)

In case you didn't know, Peyton Manning is the NFL's new leader in career touchdown passes. And, while his receivers were playing keep-away with the milestone ball Sunday night, the NFL wasted no time in letting everyone know who was on the the receiving end of all 509 scores. 

The league posted this tweet and graphic:

Marvin Harrison, Manning's favorite target in Indianapolis, led the pack with 112 while Demaryius Thomas, the recipient of the historic second-quarter catch, has 29.

And there's a whole lot of guys with one TD catch who can now say they are part of NFL history.

Carson Palmer and Khalil Mack get stuck to each other in uncomfortable situation (GIF)

Carson Palmer and Khalil Mack seem to be stuck on each other — and not intentionally.

The Cardinals quarterback and Raiders linebacker tangled their cleats on a fourth-quarter pass play and had to be separated by a couple of offensive linemen.

A quick blast from a garden hose might have worked just as well too.