Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cheerleader squads brawl before college hoops game (VIDEO)

The cheerleaders and dance squads from two SIAC schools were sent home after they brought it on during the half-time of their basketball team's first-round tournament game.

The pep squads from both Albany State and Tuskegee were sent packing with their pompoms Tuesday night from Bill Harris Arena in Birmingham, Ala., just hours after the extracurricular splits and pikes.

This brief clip reportedly shows some of the altercation:
A statement from league commissioner Gregory Moore says "the obligation to observe basic principles of sportsmanship and fair play extends to all participants at the SIAC basketball tournament."

He said the cheerleaders and dance teams for both schools would be barred from performing for the rest of the tournament and that the schools were sending them back to campus.

Tuskegee won the game 80-63.

Walt Frazier calls female referee 'nice-looking' during Knicks broadcast (VIDEO)

Former New York Knicks legend and current MSG analyst, Walt Frazier, who has been known to turn a phrase, found himself in a little bit of hot water after saying two words about a female NBA referee during a broadcast.

The one-time man-about-Manhattan called Lauren Holtkamp, the female referee who worked Wednesday night's Knicks loss to the Indiana Pacers, "nice-looking."

And the comment has critics screaming louder than one of Clyde's colorful suits.

Pro Basketball Talk's Dan Feldman called for punishment and's Ananth Pandian used the word "inappropriate" to describe his words. Even Frazier's on-air partner Mike Breen shook his head during the broadcast exchange. 

"No, no, no, no, no," said the play-by-play man after he heard the remark.

At the time Breen was discussing Holtcamp, the first-year official who was criticized in February by Chris Paul after she handed him and his Clippers several technical fouls. Paul later said of Holtkamp, “This might not be for her,” a comment that sounded sexist to many.

Paul claimed that he was referring to her inexperience but was stilled fined $25,000 for the comment.

On the other hand, Frazier’s on-air stumbling and bumbling didn't need any explanation.

Fan at Rockets-Grizzlies game hits half-court shot for $25,000, gets carried out (VIDEO)

There was one happy home town fan who didn't care about the  controversial James Harden "non-call" in the final seconds of the Rockets’ loss to the Grizzlies Wednesday night at the Toyota Center.

That's because this guy become the first local to sink a promotional half-court shot at the venue for $25,000.

The dude's heave from mid-court hit glass but was still on target for the 25 big ones.

A video posted by Bun B (@trillog) on

And if the 25 Grand wasn't enough, he even got the hero's treatment and was carried off the court on the shoulders of the adoring crowd:

Tony Romo ran across court to sit with Cameron Crazies (PHOTOS)

The Dallas Cowboys brought their own version of the Core Four to Cameron Indoor Arena Wednesday night as Jason Garrett, Tony Romo, Jason Witten and DeMarco Murray all sat together to watch the Duke Blue Devils take on Wake Forest.
But at some point, Romo broke away and ran across the court to sit in the student section with the Cameron Crazies.
Considering that Romo went to Eastern Illinois and plays in Dallas, it's kind of odd that the kids welcomed him so warmly into their rowdy section.

Well, they are Crazies.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Navy's Will Kelly sinks Army's Tanner Plomb dunk attempt (VIDEO)

It's been a while since a Navy big man has made such a splash on the highlight reels — almost 28 years since The Admiral David Robinson patrolled the Midshipmen's lane — but Will Kelly did just that Tuesday night.

In last night's game against Army, the 6' 9" Kelly swatted away eight shots but made his most spectacular rejection against Black Knights junior Tanner Plomb who drove in to attempt a two-handed jam. Kelly met him at the rim, smacking the ball and dropping Plomb like an anchor.

Navy went on to beat Army, 56-52.

Basketball player comforts young fan after wild melee on court (VIDEO)

Player fights rarely produce any winners and, sometimes, it's the innocent bystanders who pay the price.

After a game between two Spanish league basketball teams turned into an all-out bench-clearing brawl last weekend, former NBA player Tornike Shengelia took a moment to check on a frightened little boy who was sitting way to close to the free-swinging action in an attempt to calm the shaken kid.

Check it out at 1:29 below:

The heartwarming act of compassion would have really been great — if it wasn't for the fact that Shengelia was one of the instigators of the melee.

Following the wild scene all but eight of the ACB League's players were ejected from the game.

And Shengelia's Zero to Hero moment probably left the boy more confused than comforted.

Two women at center of huge brawl in stands during Avalanche-Wild game (VIDEO)

All hell broke loose after a woman slapped another woman during an argument in the stands during the Avalanche-Wild game last weekend.

A few rowdy fans had to be escorted out of the Pepsi Center another woman punched an Avalanche fan in the back of the head.

WARNING: Videos have naughty language.

There’s a point at which you actually see a guy in an Avalanche jersey reaching to choke the blonde woman in the leather jacket, though it’s hard to actually see what’s going down amid the chaos but, from another angle, you can actually see this woman take a swing at the dude's head.

Who wants to bet alcohol was involved?