Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rehabbing Matt Harvey still wants 'one inning' in 2014: Report

Once again Matt Harvey said he's ready to take the next big step in his rehab and get onto the mound this season — during a game.

The Mets ace — who has been cleared begin throwing from a mound in Port St. Lucie next week for the first time since rehabbing from Tommy John surgery last October, wants a real game stint, according to the N.Y. Post.

It's a song and dance the Mets have heard from Matt Harvey before. But this time, it seems like the team's pitching headliner only wants to tap a couple of steps and hum a few bars.

“Even if it was one inning out of the bullpen, I would be happy,” Harvey said.

Harvey hasn't let go of his dream of throwing in 2014, even after general manager Sandy Alderson put the kibosh on that notion last month.

The right-hander said there are tentative plans for him to pitch in the Mets’ instructional league in September and then appear in the Arizona Fall League.

“If I’m going to pitch in Arizona, what difference does it make if I pitch there or pitch here [for the Mets]?” Harvey said.

But Alderson is likely to play it cautious with the impatient Harvey — who underwent the ligament replacement surgery on Oct. 22 of last year. Normal recovery is 10-14 months before a pitcher returns to the major leagues.

“I’m dying,” Harvey said. “When I start ramping things up and feeling I can throw full throttle and pump it up to mid-90s [mph], which I believe I am doing right now, it’s definitely going to be hard.”

Harvey’s agent, Scott Boras, recently said research on the subject points to waiting until 14-16 months after the surgery for optimal recovery.

The Mets backed off Harvey from his rehab in early June, worried that he was moving too quickly in the process. Alderson later left the open a crack, saying the earliest Harvey could return is Sept. 22 — the 11-month anniversary of his surgery. The Mets conclude the season on Sept. 28.

Harvey has made no apology for his eagerness to return this season — even if the Mets have almost no chance of making the playoffs.

“I miss being out there,” he said. “That’s the fun part. It’s tough to talk about.”

Minor league baseball game delayed by stray opossum (VIDEO)

There was an unusual rundown during a minor league baseball game Wednesday — and the baserunner ending up in a garbage can.

When an opossum appeared during a game between the Quad Cities River Bandits (an Astros affiliate) and the Clinton LumberKings (an affiliate for the Mariners), the grounds crew took over the action on the field as the hideous critter (sorry po-cat lovers) ran up the third base line past the pitcher's mound.

A River Bandits team employee trailed the invader with a garbage can, trapping the animal near third base.

After the employee pumped his fist in triumph, he then raised his hands unsure of what to do next. And in a classic minor league moment, the stadium staff played the “Jeopardy!” theme song over the loudspeakers.

Eventually another employee came along and picked up the opossum by its tail, walking the adventurous animal off the field in the garbage can.

Play was delayed less than five minutes by the little rascal's adventure. The LumberKings won the game, 6-5.

James Shields blows a bubble bigger than his own head (VIDEO)

Ever wonder why MLB players need all of those buckets of Double Bubble strewn around their dugouts during a game? Here's why:

James Shields shows off his bubble blowing skills Wednesday night by puffing one bigger than his head.

The hard part for the Royals pitcher? Saving it for future chews.

Jordy Mercer's home run obliterates woman's beer (VIDEO)

Pirates shortstop Jordy Mercer smacked a two-run homer into the left field stands during Wednesday's game against the Giants. When fans saw it coming, they put on their gloves and reached for the ball. 

But one woman in the front row wasn't ready for the onslaught:

It was bad enough that Mercer's two-run shot gave the Pirates a 5-4 lead but wasting the woman's full cup of beer on a nice San Francisco day? That's unforgivable.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lingerie football league player celebrates score with beer in end zone (VIDEO)

The Legends Football League — formerly and forever known as the Lingerie Football League — knows what its fans want during a game and that includes bras and panties.

So after Heather “Rockstar” Furr scored a touchdown, she celebrated the six points by sipping a beer that was handed over to her by a fan in the stands.

And, as any NFL fan watching a Sunday game at home knows, it doesn't get any better than knocking down a cold one dressed only in your skivvies.

Furr helped lead the Chicago Bliss to a 32-7 rout over the Green Bay Chill.

Steelers lineman sued for herpes, blames sores on 'zipper malfunction': Report

Pittsburgh Steelers nose tackle Cam Thomas is being sued for allegedly giving his ex-girlfriend genital herpes and reportedly lying to her about it.

The woman known as "Adrienne" claims the 27-year-old Thomas said the "puss-filled bumps on his buttocks and inner thigh" were the result of sweat buildup and that the noticeable sores on his penis came from a zipper accident, in a report filed in San Diego and obtained by TMZ Sports.

Thomas — who started 10 games for Pittsburgh last year — has vehemently denied the allegations through his legal team, who say the woman is only after money.

Either way, this is just TMI about STDs from TMZ.

Adrienne claims she dated Thomas in 2010 when he played for the San Diego Chargers
and that the two would often have unprotected sex.

According to the lawsuit, she had a health check up in December 2010 and the results were all clear.

Then in February 2012 she tested positive for genital herpes.

Adrienne maintains Thomas is the only person that she could have contracted the disease from.

In her suit, Adrienne also claims Thomas was physically abusive during their relationship.
However, she never went to police to file a complaint.

She's suing for sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud through intentional concealment and negligence.

Adrienne is seeking unspecified damages. Thomas said he will fight the claims in court.

Fracking mogul bids over $1 billion for Buffalo Bills: Report

A Pennsylvania fracking mogul bid more than $1 billion for the Buffalo Bills on Tuesday — making it likely the team will attract a record sales price for an NFL team.

It was one of only two known bids — which were due by 5 p.m. Tuesday — for the storied NFL franchise, according to the New York Post.

Terrence Pegula, who owns the NHL Buffalo Sabres, made the record-breaking opening offer. The team was put on the block last spring following the March 25 death of owner Ralph Wilson Jr..

Donald Trump made the other offer but has admitted he probably underbid because he's "not going to do something stupid" to call the team his.

It could not be learned whether other bids were received by banker Morgan Stanley, which is running the auction, said the newspaper.

A controversial group fronted by Jon Bon Jovi that includes Larry Tanenbaum, chairman of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, owner of the NBA Toronto Raptors and the NHL Maple Leafs, and the Canadian Rogers family, which controls Rogers Communications, was expected to bid.

The Bon Jovi group is expected to try and move the team to Toronto. A move that has made the rocker an unpopular figure in the western New York city.

“Man, f–k Bon Jovi,” legendary Bills receiver Andre Reed, told New York Magazine. “You might as well just take this city, throw it in the river, and let it go down Niagara Falls.”

And, as usual, there were rumored bidders who were eyeing a move to Los Angeles, which has been without an NFL team since 1994.

First-round bids are usually just high enough to pique the interest of a seller and kick off the selling process.

The $1.1 billion sale of the Miami Dolphins in 2008 is the highest price ever paid for an NFL team.