Monday, June 26, 2017

UFC fighter gets the crap choked out of her...literally

Justine Kish not only got the crap choked out her by Felice Herrig in their UFC Fight Night showdown at UFC Oklahoma this weekend, she even left the skid marks inside the Octagon to prove it.

In an embarrassing moment Kish probably wishes she could wipe away, the corn-rowed warrior apparently lost control of her bowels during the fight while trying to escape a vicious rear-naked chokehold from Herrig. The exertion Kish used to escape the grasp of Herrig most likely brought about the unfortunate incident.

And, even more unfortunately for Kish, her octagon accident was not lost on viewers at home. Replay of Kish’s attempted escape confirmed that a nasty brown substance was left behind on the canvas.
The previously undefeated Kish was praised for the courage she showed in escaping the deep choke from Herrig.

“I have no idea how Kish got out of this,” UFC analyst Kenny Florian said. “Just pure toughness and strength. Just amazing determination from Justine.”

But her real fortitude showed when the straw-weight took to social media following the contest, humorously owning up to her Depends moment, and telling her fans that she will return to fight again for the throne. 

That's when #ShitHappens started trending.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Michael Phelps will race against a great white in Shark Week event

By Tony Mangia

Without an Olympics this summer and no other human being to beat in the pool, it seems only logical that Michael Phelps takes on one of the fastest and, just for fun, one of the most fearsome swimmers on the earth, namely the great white shark.

In what could possibly be described as Shark Week jumping the shark, the Discovery Channel announced that 23 time Olympic gold medal winner  Phelps will race a great white shark as part of its popular summer series on July 23:

"They are one of the fastest and most efficient predators on the planet: Sharks. He is our greatest champion to ever get in the water: Michael Phelps. 39 world records. 23 Olympic golds. But he has one competition left to win. An event so monumental no one has ever attempted it before. The world’s most decorated athlete takes on the ocean’s most efficient predator: Phelps V Shark – the race is on!"

According to, sharks cruise around at around 5 mph, but great whites can reach top speeds of 25 mph — about "10 times faster than the typical human swimmer" when they are in attack mode.

One can only guess that Phelps is hoping against attack mode and won't be paddling for his life since the the Olympic chum, I mean champ, has only been clocked at a top speed of 6 mph.

But it's not like Phelps hasn't been training and researching his competition. Last week the 31-year-old went cage diving with some great whites hopefully to get a leg up and keep one out of his toothy rival's mouth:

The network is hyping this live broadcast as a once in a lifetime event and is hoping their viewing audience bites.

But just in case you don't remember other "monumental" Man vs Beast competitions like Nat Geo Wild's Man vs Cheetah back in 2014 when a couple of NFL players raced a spotted speedster in separate enclosures which ended up about as exciting as watching the big cats napping at the zoo.

And speaking of dozing, there were high hopes in 2014 for the Discovery Channel's Man Gets Eaten Alive By An Anaconda which ultimately turned out to be one of TV's most laughable and epic fails.

Either way, real sports fans know a race doesn't count if the players don't compete on the same field of play, bumping shoulder to shoulder,  leg to leg or, in this case, arm to fin.

I'm sure plenty of people will tune in to watch the colorfully named Phelps Vs. Shark: Great Gold Vs Great White. Just don't expect to see any red — especially in the accounting books.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Congressional Baseball Game will go on Thursday in light of GOP shooting

The annual Congressional Baseball Game will go on as planned, Rep. Martha McSally announced in an all-member briefing after House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and four others were shot by a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter while the Republican team was practicing Wednesday morning at a Virginia ball field.

"It will be play ball tomorrow night," Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) and manager of the GOP squad, confirmed later in the day. 

Despite the cowardly armed sneak attack aimed at Republicans, it won’t stop the annual charity match-up from being played 7:05 p.m. on Thursday at Nationals Park, according to the game organizers from both parties.

During a solemn address to the chamber Wednesday afternoon, House Speaker Paul Ryan injected a moment of levity – joking that the wounded Congressman's biggest complaint will be having to spend time on the disabled list.

“Knowing Steve Scalise as we all do, he is likely really frustrated that he’s not going to be able to play in the baseball game,” Ryan said of his friend — who is still listed as in critical condition.

Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.), manager of the Democrats, invited all players from both teams to dinner at Democratic headquarters on Wednesday night.

“We’re united not as Republicans and Democrats but as United States representatives,” said Barton during the joint appearance with his Democratic baseball rival Doyle.

The annual congressional baseball game dates back to 1909 and is considered a bi-partisan event open to everyone.

Every year Senate and House members of each party fortify friendships off the floor and on the field. Members usually wear the uniform of their home states and districts, and although proportional representation is not required, elected officials of many states play to bring home the victory trophy.

Rep. Eric Swalwell, (D-Calif.), who is on the Democrats’ baseball team said the Democratic team practices at a different facility than where the shooting occurred. Swalwell noted that they usually have security, but the Republicans likely had “even more” due to Scalise’s rank in the House Republican Leadership.

President Trump touted the "heroism" of Capitol Police officers, and said their presence prevented what would have been a "massacre."

There is expected to be an increased number of fans in the stands — and more security at the gates— this year as the game has now taken on national significance.

More importantly, the sportsmanship represents the hopes of an America that is striving for unity.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Aaron Judge sends 495-foot home run over Yankee Stadium Bleachers

By Tony Mangia

Aaron Judge continues to wow fans with his amazing home run hitting prowess but, on Sunday, the gentle giant added an almost unbelievable shot to his young and growing legacy.

A day after hammering a home run hit harder than any one recorded in the Statcast era — a rocket with a 121.1 mile-an-hour exit velocity according to the charts — Judge went orbital again.

“I’m sure he can hit it up to 122 or 123,” teammate Gary Sanchez said after Saturday night's bomb. “He has a lot of power.”

Less than 15 hours after Sanchez's statement, and against the same Orioles team, Judge not only hit the ball with authority, he hit it for distance — 495 feet to be exact.
The reaction of his teammates shows the marvel of a home run ball hit into No Man's Land like that.

The best part of the dugout celebration might be 5'8" inch Ronald Torreyes getting a shoulder boost up to reach the 6'7" Judge's high five.

All rise... again.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Lone Saudi Arabian player honors moment of silence for London terrorist victims before match against Australia

In what can only be described as a disgraceful display of disrespect and lack of decency or compassion for human lives, only a single Saudi Arabian soccer player chose to stand still and pay respect to the victims of the London terrorist attack during a moment of silence while the rest of his team continued to warm up, kick around the ball and even tie their shoes before a World Cup qualifying match against the Australian team this week.

As a full stadium looked on, only Salman Al-Faraj politely held his hands behind his back and stared at the ground during the sixty second tribute before the match as his Saudi teammates ignored the gesture and walked off to their positions on the pitch like it was nothing but a big delay.

That's one out of 11 for all you keeping score at home or Homeland.

The Saudi Arabian team became the target of worldwide outrage for snubbing the minute of silence, with officials claiming it was "not in keeping with Saudi culture."
Video shows the Australian team lined up at the halfway mark, with the Saudi players ignoring the respectful moment as they get in formation to start the game — all except the 27-year-old midfielder Al-Faraj.

Footage seems to show Saudi captain Osama Hawsawi instructing his teammates to pay their respect and stand still only after sensing the crowd's reaction.

It was reported that Saudi Arabian fans watching at the Adelaide Oval also ignored the moment of silence, speaking loudly and moving around in the stadium.

After widespread outrage, the Saudi Arabian Football Federation issued a statement saying it "deeply regrets and unreservedly apologizes for any offense caused." 

"The players did not intend any disrespect to the memories of the victims or to cause upset to their families, friends or any individual affected by the atrocity," it stated.

"The Saudi Arabian Football Federation condemns all acts of terrorism and extremism and extends its sincerest condolences to the families of all the victims and to the Government and people of the United Kingdom."

Later, the same Saudi players still found time to kneel and pray after a goal.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Mr. Met fired after giving middle(?) finger to fans at Citi Field

The unwanted drama at Citi Field continues to unfurl and even the New York Mets baseball-headed mascot has gotten caught up in the losing and frustration.

On Wednesday night, that four-fingered freak, Mr. Met, reached his own breaking point and flipped what must be considered his middle digit at some fans during the 7-1 loss to the Brewers. The loss halted a modest a three-game winning streak for the Mets and ended one costume wearer's career for good.

A video posted by @adelucia35 on Twitter captured the moment when Mr. Met flipped the bird to a group of shouting fans as the mascot walked toward a tunnel through Citi Field.

The incident came on a night that marked the 53rd anniversary of Mr. Met’s debut as the team mascot. 
"We apologize for the inappropriate action of this employee," the Mets said in an email from the organization. 

"We do not condone this type of behavior. We are dealing with this matter internally."

A Mets official told The Associated Press more than one person wears the Mr. Met costume during each season, and the person who wore it Wednesday night will not work in the costume again.

All kind of funny considering the real middle finger to fans is the 23-28 record the team is holding up to them. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sri Lanka's Knuckles Mountain is a worthy trek...with or without the leeches

Article and photos by Tony Mangia

Sri Lanka just might be one of the most colorful and interesting places in the world for travelers searching for a 180-degree change of pace — all in one country and all in a single day. From the ancient temples at Polonnawura through the tea plantations of the Hill Country and the aqua blue water surfing in Arugam Bay, the country offers visitors a wide array of activities and sights — all at a spectacularly cheap price. And even if you find those places just a little too congested with civilization, a mountain hike or hill walk might be the perfect cure. 

Transversing the water drop-shaped Sri Lanka is a little trickier than most places and even the most experienced adventurers might tire traveling the narrow, bumpy and traffic-clogged roadways via bus or rail. But if you like to hike, the rugged paths of the Lakegala Mountain trek — more commonly known as Knuckles Mountain — are well worth at least one visit and less crowded and touristy than the over-rated Adam’s Peak stair climb that is nearby.

Situated about 25 kilometers (15 miles) northeast of the dusty, tuk-tuk congested streets of Kandy, Knuckles Mountain is as breathtaking a sight for eyes that one could find in the green and biodiverse Central Highlands of this scenic country. The Ceylon British came up with the name which is derived from the rounded, knuckled ridge resembling a giant clenched fist punching its way out of the earth.

Popular Knuckles Mountain hiking trails include the mini world’s end from Deanston, a trail to Dothalugala from Deanston, a trail to Nitro Caves from Corbett’s Gap, a trail to Augallena cave via Thangappuwa from Corbett’s Gap and the trail to Kalupahana from “Meemure” village.

I was in Sri Lanka to do some volunteer work and a little scuba diving but, after hiking the Inca Trail last spring, it has become part of my travel routine to hike at least one or two trails where and whenever I can.  And while the one-day Knuckles Mountain trek I chose is not as daunting as the seemingly endless trails in Peru, there are some multi day and night treks you can do at Knuckles as well. And the one-day hike has a challenge — namely one word that put more fear into my heart than any five day trek anywhere — leeches. Yup. Leeches. And not the kind who hog all the water and trail mix on a hike.

It seems the first thing anyone says when you mention Knuckles Mountain are the blood-sucking, worm-like parasites who attach themselves to your ankles and make their way up your leg before securing themselves to your body for a snack. And in the damp, leafy trails of Knuckles, they are reportedly as abundant as the foliage itself. I hoped the Buddhist blessing I received the day before would protect me from the unpleasant little creatures if the application of a soap and salt liquid on my legs didn’t keep them sliding off.

After some relief hearing that I might get about only half a dozen of the wormy hitchhikers and that some sort of medicinal benefits would surely outweigh the gross factor, I came to grips that I would be latched onto and it was part of the Knuckles Mountain initiation. So off my hiking buddy Jamie and I went.

Most locals recommend entering the trail on he Thangappuwa side of the range about five miles from the mountain peak and to get a guide. The Knuckles Mountain trek could be described as an intermediate hike filled with plenty of clearly-marked, flat rock trails but also has detours going through and up huge boulders, rugged stone stairs and up and down slippery bamboo and jungle-lined tunnels. The steep mountain terrain at the summit of the main Knuckles peak (the sixth highest in Sri Lanka) including a rare dwarf cloud forest. Guides are essential and it would be quite easy to get thrown off course and miss specific wildlife, plants and breathtaking points of interest if you tried it alone. You can hire one by contacting the Forestry Department in advance. We arranged our hike through the volunteer group we were working with but travelers can get more information and book a guide through