Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Father forces young son to run alongside car for ‘football training’ (VIDEO)

A controversial video has surfaced showing a father forcing his young son to run alongside his car for “football training” while using expletives to encourage him go faster.

The little boy, only about 5-years old, does his best to keep up with the large vehicle while running in Crocks but — as the disturbing video shows — it's not good enough for the father who barks out commands.

"We're going eight miles per hour. Come on. Pick that s--t up," the unidentified father calls.

"This is how we train for football," he says in a Texas drawl. "Daddy drives while you run. Get your little a-- in shape."

Once outside their home the boy momentarily stops, bends over and complains about his hip hurting.

"I don't want to hear about no excuses," the father replies. "Do you want to play for the Texans or the Cowboys?"

Obeying his father’s orders, the boy starts running again as the man’s honking vehicle trails him up a driveway from just feet behind.

"OK, I've got him up to 10 now," says the satisfied father.

Next stop, the SEC or DFPS.

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