Sunday, August 4, 2013

Puig makes incredible catch off wall at Wrigley Field (VIDEO)

Has anyone made so many ridiculous catches in such a short span of time as Yasiel Puig? It seems like the Los Angeles Dodgers rookie right fielder tacks one or two grabs onto his highlight reel every game.

Even when the catch doesn't count as an out, Puig makes it interesting — like this one at Wrigley Field.

After initially ruling this catch an out, the umpires conferred and made the right call. The rules state a fielder must catch th e ball "in flight" for the play to be an out, and a ball deflected off the wall is not considered "in flight."

But this is still one sensational play. The reflexes, vision and hand-eye coordination to make the grab are unbelievable. And, at least the fan in the bamboo sedge hat called it an out.

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