Thursday, June 13, 2013

World Ball Hockey fight sends ref to hospital

In a jaw-dropping fight Saturday, a member of Canada's national men's ball hockey team sent an official to hospital.

With Canada trailing 5-1, Justin Pender chased a Czech Republic opponent across the rink with one second left in a quarterfinal game at the 2013 World Ball Hockey Championship in Newfoundland.

Prior to the dust-up, Pender is seen trash-talking with a Czech player during a face off.

Two officials, and the Czech goalie, tried to intervene. But Pender continued to pound on the smaller player, hitting and tangling up others in the process. Pender is seen battering the Czech before he is swarmed by about a dozen Czech players — not another Canadian in sight.

Video footage appears to show a referee in considerable pain following the beat-down. He was reportedly helped off via stretcher and transported to a local hospital.

The St. John's Telegram reported Pender, 24, was given a double match penalty for his actions.

Pender apologized for his actions but may still face strict sanctions from the league.

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