Saturday, June 15, 2013

Japanese researchers invent amazing air-hockey robot you can't beat

Researchers at Chiba University in Japan have developed an air-hockey-playing robot that's smart enough to recognize how you're playing it, adjust its game, then own you.

“Basically, the robot observes the speed and position of the player's paddle in relation to the puck. This data can be described by what is known as a Motion Pattern Histogram (MPH). The robot uses this data to estimate whether its opponent is playing aggressively or defensively. Over the course of the game, the robot can detect these MPHs in real-time and compare them with reference patterns to help it figure out what you're doing.”

I wonder how long it took these scientists to develop an arcade-bot with the defensive skills of Henrik Lundqvist and about as chatty as Bill Belichick.

Remember when the Japanese invented that robot goalie who shut down Lionel Messi?

Better hurry before they start invading your local Dave & Buster's.

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