Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jimmy Kimmel gives Jarron Collins a 'I'm the straight one' T-shirt

It looks like Jimmy Kimmel found out a way to take care of a mistaken identity problem that Jarron Collins and his twin brother Jason have been running into a lot lately.

Jason, who publicly came out as a gay NBA player a few weeks ago, has been all over the news. But it is the split-image resemblance between the two men that has people mistaking the straight Jarron for his more famous bro.

The late night television host had both of the 6' 11" NBA players on his show Wednesday and Kimmel took matters into his own hands by presenting Jarron with "I'm the straight one" T-shirt to distinguish the two apart. 

During the lighthearted interview Jarron admitted he never had a clue that his brother was gay and believes when the first joke is made [in the locker room] and Jason laughs, "the ice will be broken."

Afterwards someone posted a photo on Reddit showing one of them (yes it's Jarron) wearing his new ID tag.

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