Tuesday, January 1, 2013

18-month-old snowboarder shreds snow in Canada

Young Nevek is an up-and-coming snowboarder preparing for the 2022 Winter Olympics, according to his parents.  Nevek was recently spotted shredding the snow on a Canadian ski slope getting ready to represent his country.

Did I mention the future Shaun White was practicing on the kiddie hill and will be all of 10-1/2-years-old when the 2022 Olympics take place.

The 18-month old toddler —who still chews on a Binky — is following in the snow-tracks of his older sister Abigail.  She's 3-years-old.

Nevek's dad, who remains unidentified, is an avid snowboarder who decided to start his kids on the slopes early so he could take them on his winter ski trips.

Nevek has been cutting his baby-teeth on the slopes even before he can tell you about performing a Tail-stall.  You see, the little tyke hasn't begun talking yet.  

The precocious snowboarder is already wowing the crowds with his skills and is probably the cutest thing in a helmet and BabyGap snowsuit.

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