Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Miami Dolphins new logo looks oddly like the weather map

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and CEO Mike Dee said they would be updating the team's uniforms and logo for the 2013-14 season.  Fans were excited about getting new look but who knew that the billionaire Ross would take it to this extreme.

While Fins fans might be thrilled at the Dolphins overhaul, people in the northeast are rightfully a little peeved at the storm that looks like Flipper and will be mucking things up for the next few days.

Maybe it's just a ploy to get the snowbirds down to South Beach.

Take a look at New York's weather for the next few days and the logo that is floating around cyberspace and judge for yourself.

Coincidence?  Jets fans don't think so.

It isn't clear how much the Dolphins paid some graphic designer to update their look, but a little credit should be given to Mother Nature and the Weather Channel.


  1. The Dolphins need to re-design management, and quite possibly, ownership.

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