Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Falcons players form human curtain around Matt Ryan while he drops trou on sideline

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan suffered a wardrobe malfunction — after sliding into a Denver Broncos defensive player — and had to remove his pants to re-adjust his knee brace on the Atlanta sideline during the Monday Night Football game.  Lucky for Ryan, his teammates were quick to form a human curtain around their signal caller to prevent 71,228 pairs of prying eyes inside the Georgia Dome from seeing more of their quarterback than they paid for.

The impromptu dressing room allowed the Falcons' equipment men to fix the twisted brace while his pants were down during a timeout.


Peyton Manning was the one who really needed a curtain of some kind after a disastrous start Monday.  He was undressed by the Falcons defense (3 interceptions) in the first half as Atlanta beat Denver, 27-21.

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