Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tim Tebow moving into Eli Manning's 'hood

Tim Tebow is now officially a Jersey Guy.  The New York Jets "backup" quarterback has just leased an apartment in Hoboken, N.J.— just a wobbly pass from Eli Manning's condo.

The city which spawned Frank Sinatra, was the backdrop for the classic film "On the Waterfront" and and hosted the first known baseball game has now become Holy-boken.

Tebow—who previously had his eyes set on a swank place in the same exclusive New Jersey golf-course community where Jets quarterback Mark " I coulda been a contender" Sanchez resides— has opted for the hipster enclave of Jersey— just a PATH train ride from Manhattan and two blocks from the Giants two-time Super Bowl MVP.

Tebow has signed a lease to rent the two-bedroom apartment at 2 Constitution Court— a 13-story luxury condo overlooking the Manhattan skyline, according to The New York Post.

Manning and his family have called Hoboken home since he purchased a $2.2 million condo in the luxurious Hudson Tea Building on the Hudson River waterfront a few years ago.

The "modest" units in Tebow's building can run about $10,000 a month and it's only a ten minute car ride to same home field the rival quarterbacks share— MetLife Stadium.

Maybe the two neighbors can get together and toss the ball at Hoboken High then head over to Maxwell's for a beer to check out the newest indie band before the season kicks in.

For some reason I'm smelling a Saturday Night Live guest spot with Eli too.

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