Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tebow is now one of the Top 5 marketable celebrities

Mark Sanchez may not be worried about losing his starting job to Tim Tebow but, if it were up to advertisers, the current New York Jets quarterback would be gathering splinters on the bench.

Tebow, the newly acquired "backup" QB, is one of the top five most coveted celebrity endorsements, according to a new marketing index.

The New York Daily News reports that Sports Illustrated  recently asked promotions company The Marketing Arm to update their Davie-Brown Index to see how the new guy in town fared.

That puts Tebow in-between a princess and a Fresh Prince— not bad company.

The marketing formula measures over 2,800 celebrities in eight categories including trust, appeal, aspiration and influence.  The was nothing in the poll about virtue but, sincerity, approachability and experience are also factored in.

Under the formula, Tebow scored an impressive 180 points.  Sanchez— and his fractured ego— came in at a lowly 12 points.  That's gotta hurt.

Tebow moved up from the No. 40 spot he got last December as a Denver Bronco and now ranks higher than Bill Gates, Tom Hanks and Jack Nicklaus.

As a trendsetter, Tebow is ranked No. 6 along with singers and fashionistas— Beyonce and Katy Perry.  That ranking might slip down a few spots after all the thumbs down on yesterday's wardrobe selection at his press conference.  Hey, it's hard to put a big man in a two-piece suit.

Not to worry, the fresh-faced quarterback currently pushes Jockey underwear, Nike and  EA Sports.

I bet he's "excited."

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